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Servers Minecraft 1.13 Poll

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Dec 24, 2017.

Servers - Minecraft 1.13 Poll | Page 3

What should Shotbow do for the 1.13 update?

Poll closed Jan 7, 2018.
I think Shotbow should stay on 1.9 with 1.9-1.13 compatibility 112 vote(s) 41.0%
I think Shotbow should upgrade to 1.10 and support 1.10-1.13 6 vote(s) 2.2%
I think Shotbow should upgrade to 1.11 and support 1.11-1.13 21 vote(s) 7.7%
I think Shotbow should upgrade to 1.12 and support 1.12-1.13 31 vote(s) 11.4%
I think Shotbow should upgrade to 1.13 as its base version 103 vote(s) 37.7%
  1. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    The difference between 1.13 and 1.14 is faith. Since it's all incoming additions and speculation I included the information regardless.

    Let's also not forget that they like to support several versions at once. In this case I don't think it will be backwards compatible with 1.9 systems, which means the support would only go forward into 1.14. Shotbow could very well rollout 1.13 and 1.14 all at once alongside new content.

  2. Navarr Network Co-Lead


    You failed to answer the most important question - why? Why would updating to 1.13 mean a bunch of people abandon the game?
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  3. Diamond_Hunter49 Silver

    I feel that there has been enough discussion and voting about this topic to clearly show that it's between 1.9-1.13 or 1.13. Since the voting closes in a week and most people who will participate in voting have already voted, we should start a new poll with just the two most popular options to see which one more people want. :)
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  4. ArcadeLegend Regular Member

    Sure, I’ll use a resource pack and make something look amazing on a normal vanilla standpoint but I guess I’ll deal with how trash it’ll look using the new textures because I did not build seeing them. Look at any texture pack build and sure it’ll look decent in that pack but outside of that texture pack whether it be in another texture pack or in vanilla. It’ll look completely different. At the newer Minecon somebody asked about 1.13’s textures and they ( the developers ) said that between 1.13-1.14 the textures will be released. So yes I realize that it doesn’t change textures immediately but it will after 1.13 is out. For what I hear its got good code updates but as a person who does building instead of coding its an update that would trouble builders. Not only because I will be looking at say cobble differently than players with texture packs but some people will be using the new textures because they dont mind them and some will use a vanilla pack because they hate them which causes that rift of not being able to build in groups. It may not seem like it’d effect much to many people that dont build but to those who do it’d be a major difference.

    As for what Navarr said I could potentially answer that, A) Minecraft is losing its community and numbers because its growing less popular B) People dont see the new textures (yes I know its not 1.13) as “Minecraft” and its not what people want. C) The update’s too much change at once
    These could be potential reasons why one would quit which I can understand. Honestly if I continued playing until the new textures I wouldn’t see the minecraft I’ve played for years.
  5. POWER_RANGER Regular Member

    1.11 fixes some of the hit detection problems from 1.8-1.10 so I think that the server should at least update to 1.11 to greater reflect the original 1.7 pvp that many players liked on shotbow before the 1.9 update. 1.13 would be a better version to update to though as I hear it changes a lot of minecraft's code and updating to 1.11 and then a version past 1.13 will be a lot of work for the developers. A lot of nms classes will probably change in 1.13 o a lot of the code might need to be changed around for various plugins.
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  6. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Is there an official release or is this the speculation on the current textures? I consider any variations in textures secondary to gameplay so I say we move forward regardless. Alternatively Shotbow could just force texture packs on their server to cover this up.
  7. Aexon Regular Member

    The news nextures will be coming in 1.14, not 1.13. If you want to see the texture changes, look at @JasperBoerstra, he's the one who makes the new textures. All the new textures look good except cobblestone and emeralds in my opinion.

    MTA is the only gamemode where they should force it. And forcing texture packconca whole hub server is the worst idea ever as it would reload it each time you go back to hub to change game.
  8. _ItsAnni_ Platinum

    as longs as the version has it toggle sneak sure lol
  9. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Grian did a full review on all the textures, as someone that has actually talked to him and is fully aware of how to build I suggest watching his video.
    I would love a texture pack for Annihilation. If they added a (hopefully optional) PvP pack, that could help out less adamant players.
    I also didn't specify weather or not to add it to the lobby this is one of the only places where looks are everything. I agree, that wouldn't be a great idea.
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  10. ArsMagia Mini Admin

    This is very important. Many people are unhappy with current hit detection so this is a good solution :)
  11. _haruya Regular Member

    I am against 1.13, because there may be specifications which I do not understand well
  12. MCDuckler Platinum

    i think from a normal playing standpoint, everything should be allmost the same
  13. xMeepOfficial Platinum

    I would just keep it as it is :/
  14. ohxd Silver

    So literally the only way this will affect me is that I will have to make an entirely new mod folder wasting my time for an upgrade that will probably just ruin shotbow because of it's complete recoding. I already need to switch from 1.7-1.9 to play literally every other server so I don't really care about that aspect.
  15. _ItsAnni_ Platinum

    Pls update to 1.13 as server base it’s the smartest option that would open doors to new and awesome updates which everyone wants right ?
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  16. ryozui Platinum

  17. show3 Regular Member

  18. HungerHealer Regular Member


    What will it be? We are past the 3 week point now closing in on 4 (But that is shotbow). Have you guys decided yet?
    On a sidenote when can we expect information about the 'projects' you guys are working on?
  19. Navarr Network Co-Lead

    Later this month.

    We have collected community feedback, but we have not yet decided.

    Thank you for providing feedback.

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  20. SyuMine Silver

    I think that it is better for me to put it in clients of minecraftver 1.9 - 1.13.

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