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Servers Minecraft 1.13 Poll

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Dec 24, 2017.

Servers - Minecraft 1.13 Poll | Page 2

What should Shotbow do for the 1.13 update?

Poll closed Jan 7, 2018.
I think Shotbow should stay on 1.9 with 1.9-1.13 compatibility 112 vote(s) 41.0%
I think Shotbow should upgrade to 1.10 and support 1.10-1.13 6 vote(s) 2.2%
I think Shotbow should upgrade to 1.11 and support 1.11-1.13 21 vote(s) 7.7%
I think Shotbow should upgrade to 1.12 and support 1.12-1.13 31 vote(s) 11.4%
I think Shotbow should upgrade to 1.13 as its base version 103 vote(s) 37.7%
  1. FreeCookson Platinum

    1.11 because when you swing at people your hits have a small chance of actually registering on people unlike the other shitty mc versions past 1.7.

    If you upgrade to 1.13 as base version get ready for a bunch of people to abandon the game. Oh and get used to clicking on people and having nothing happening.
    Friendly123 likes this.

  2. FEDPOL1 Regular Member

    At least knockback isn't influenced by login order unlike in 1.7; besides, 1.13 isn't even out yet.
  3. dackknight09 Obsidian

    Is this a Japanese server nowadays? In-game everyone talks Japanese, on the forums we start putting it in the main posts? Might as well change the main language to Japanese.
  4. Maashg Gold

    Wait wait wait. 1.13 texture pack is so ugly D:
    Friendly123 likes this.
  5. FEDPOL1 Regular Member

    JAPPA confirmed the new textures are not comimg for 1.13 but rather a later update
  6. MCDuckler Platinum

    You can still use a Resource Pack with the old textures, I don't see a problem with that. Most people use a Resource Pack already anyways.
    Hingey likes this.
  7. Ivandagiant Silver

    You are late. They have been doing this for quite awhile now. There is nothing wrong with representing all sides of the community either. Majority rules, but minority still has rights.
  8. No3is Platinum

    Thats some great understanding of a vote system.
    HungerHealer likes this.
  9. BananaPuncher714 Regular Member

    Here's my views on the versions:
    • 1.9 is outdated
    • 1.10 was a minor transition between 1.9 and 1.11 and didn't fix many bugs that were present
    • 1.11 is just perfect and has plenty of features, and has more features for devs and fixes the annoying map bug that's in 1.10 and before
    • 1.12 is just 1.11 with the annoying crafting table and is more geared for noobs
    • 1.13 doesn't support certain off-hand items, and the water thing will be unbearable.

    1.11.2 FTW
    Friendly123 likes this.
  10. MJ9562 Platinum

    I just want to keep the old PvP and not switch to the new cool down on every swing PvP
  11. FEDPOL1 Regular Member

    You don't have to use the recipe book, but it does help with bulk crafting.
    Which offhand items aren't supported in 1.13?
    New water physics are confirmed for 1.14, not 1.13.
  12. BananaPuncher714 Regular Member

    Hmm, you might be right. Apparently it's all being moved to 1.14. Anyways, I like 1.11.2, mostly because its the earliest major update since 1.8.
  13. sukidayo Platinum

    I love 1.9
  14. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    I still have questions about the stability of each version. I don't see the need to allow multiple different versions of the game to connect to the server. Sure there's mods that have to update to the latest versions but that really isn't Shotbow's problem. I also would like to know Shotbow's stance on click speed capping (CPS) as well as any reasons they would have for their stance Edit: Fixed in Combat Update.

    On the subject of updating the server to 1.13; I do have concerns about the anti cheat and if this update would needlessly increase lag prior to a content patch. And if you do add more content I advise that you do not make an entirely new class with the trident. Add it to an existing class.
  15. ArcadeLegend Regular Member

    From a building standpoint it's not a good idea seeing as 90% of the re-textures are not good what so ever. (Emerald block, wood, wood planks, etc.) I very highly suggest looking at the re-textures yourself if you have not done research on what they look like. This goes for anybody who has no clue what 1.13 looks like because as a mini builder I would personally stop building if I have to use blocks that look the way they will.
    Tannatron likes this.
  16. FEDPOL1 Regular Member


    The trident is a 1.14 feature, not 1.13.
  17. ArcadeLegend Regular Member

  18. FEDPOL1 Regular Member


    The reason they released the new textures now is the same reason as to why there are snapshots for new updates, it's a beta. You wouldn't want your minecarts to turn into spawner minecarts when you placed them, would you? (Yes, that was an actual bug in one of the 1.4 snapshots)
    Ivandagiant likes this.
  19. Mistri Community Manager, PR Lead

    It has been confirmed that 1.13 will not bring the new textures. To add onto this, you can still use resource packs like normal, including the pre-1.14 resource packs to make Minecraft look exactly the same as it was before.
  20. FuzzyBro2004 Regular Member

    some people that have older computers that can't do the new Minecraft 1.12 launcher will be stuck with no shotbow (NOOOOO NOT SHOTBOW!)

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