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Mine Theft Auto Specific Rules!

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by noobfan, Oct 25, 2017.

Mine Theft Auto Specific Rules!
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  1. noobfan Mine Theft Auto Lead, Localization Lead

    Hello player,

    This thread is created to prevent any misunderstanding of our Mine Theft Auto specific rules. At any time we can change these rules without notice!

    First of all some players think Mine Theft Auto does not follow the network rules, which is not true. All network rules still apply and should not be broken or you will risk the consequences.

    Using any bugs, glitches or uses of alternate accounts to gain higher stats on the leaderboard is strictly forbidden and may result in a leaderboard ban and a leaderboard reset.

    Farming* to gain money, arrest or a higher level etc. is not allowed! If an admin sees you doing so he/she is allowed to ban you and your alternate accounts without any kind of warning!

    Using friends to farm isn't allowed either, so if a friend is just standing there doing nothing so you can kill/arrest them you can get banned for that. Same goes for killing/gaining arrest to get high on the leaderboards is bannable.

    This also means you can't farm with alternate accounts on a private instance or in a mission. Farming with alternate accounts on any kind of Mine Theft Auto instance is not allowed!

    * = Farming, known as gaining money, arrest, experience etc. with using bugs or glitches. *

    Inappropriate Gang Names:
    If your gang is reported or spotted by a staff member to have an inappropriate name, we may change the name of the gang without warning or we may contact the gang owner directly to have it changed.

    Scamming isn't technically possible because of the /trade system. However the only scamming situation we do NOT allow is reviving a fee for joining a gang and then kicking that player out of the gang just to receive the money

    If anyone has any questions about these/and or other specific rules for MTA please message me directly!

    Thank you for reading!

    ~ noobfan

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