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MTA Mine Theft Auto - Shutting Down

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by PokeTheEye, Jan 6, 2023.

MTA - Mine Theft Auto - Shutting Down
  1. PokeTheEye Retired Staff

    To the Mine Theft Auto Community,

    It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that Mine Theft Auto will be shutting down permanently. While we tried our best to fix all of its issues, over countless months of work, the team came to realize that we simply do not have enough resources to maintain such a large gamemode with so many moving parts. Between the code, building, resource packs, web infrastructure, and more, there simply isn't enough qualified manpower to reopen Mine Theft Auto, and keep it up and running.

    It has been a fantastic journey thus far, and we know that Mine Theft Auto has touched each of our lives in an irreplaceable way. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey, and we hope that our paths cross with yours again in the future.

    - The Mine Theft Auto Team
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  2. Deathwing Emerald

    not allowed, bring it back right now
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  3. ShayminPlays Emerald

    Why not bring on new staff? It seems a shame to throw away the hard work of the MTA development team, simply because there aren't enough staff to get the job done. Even if it would take a long time, it's still possible... unless this is simply foretelling greater problems with the network as a whole.

    It really seems like a shame to throw away a game as good as MTA tho. BTW, Are there any plans to distribute MTA maps?
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  5. MCDuckler Platinum

    Thank you to everybody who worked on this gamemode. So many great memories
  6. JayPredictable Emerald

    what's the team going to work on now?
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  7. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    This sadly was what I expected.
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  8. Hollow_Leg Platinum

    Not unexpected, but still a bit disappointing
  9. sunbreathing Administrator

    i will definetly miss my blue F1 car
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  10. Meifot Gold

    Rip to MTA
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  11. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    I searched for my original statement on the 19th of July, but I decided to rewrite it.

    My opinion of MTA is that it wasn't considering its limitations. WIR for example is (or was) being developed with such things in mind, small 1 to 4 person groups funneled through procedurally generated levels. Whereas the MTA world kept getting bigger, despite a dwindling playerbase even before the shutdown. During the playtest it was quite clear that the MTA map was too big to be sustainable even without knowing the coding involved, such a map could not easily be scaled down if implemented in its entirety, effectively working against the project.

    I wish I could offer more advice. But I would suggest content with matchmaking or 2-4 person content gameplay. They are the only things that could possibly survive on the server at this current moment. You could take the MTA framework and cut out individual missions for people to queue into, such an endeavor would likely require a redesign of map and most mechanics. Farewell MTA!
  12. Shimmied Platinum

    Makes sense. Piss Poor management over the last few years has shot this server straight into the ground. Remember MineZ 2? I'd say start listening to the people that ACTUALLY PLAY your games but its far too late for that now.
  13. Minecraft_0938 Regular Member

    No matter how bad the lag was, I wanted that don't move the server.
    Even if I had to wait two and a half years, I wanted you to say "coming soon".
    Even if the update never came again, I wanted this game to stay.
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  14. Creeperker Obsidian


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