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Update Mine Theft Auto Maintenance explanation

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by PokeTheEye, Oct 31, 2018.

Update - Mine Theft Auto Maintenance explanation
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  1. PokeTheEye Administrator

    Hello everyone,

    As you may have noticed Mine Theft Auto was down for a week. You may ask why?

    Well our system started to notice some malicious money transactions between certain players. So we kept a very close eye on them. On October 22nd we found out that a select group of players have been using a bug to dupe their items and gain a lot of in-game money from it. At that point we decided to put Mine Theft Auto in maintenance mode to avoid any more duping.

    Fixing the bug took some time since our developer storm345 doesn't have much time due IRL responsibilities, but he found some time and fixed the bug (Send some love to storm). However we found out that around 50 players were involved in this duping scandal.

    We investigated each player and decided what kind of measures we should take. I can tell you we have banned a lot of players from that group. However we did find a small group to be innocent and these players will receive a DM from me very soon in their inbox that says we will take some money away from them.

    If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message.
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