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MTA Mine Theft Auto - Industrial Map Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by PokeDexLight, Sep 20, 2017.

MTA - Mine Theft Auto - Industrial Map Update
  1. PokeDexLight Retired Staff


    Hello Everyone!

    The long wait is over, we bring to you another MTA map update!

    A whole new area of the map will now be open to you, to adventure and discover the many new locations we have brought to you.

    This update also includes:
    • 3 new dungeons and changes were made to all the current ones
    • 2 New Car Races
    • 2 New Death matches
    • 1 New Last Team Standing
    • 1 New Last Man Standing
    • Brand new stealable aircraft around the map!
    • New Gang levelling system (Unlock more member/house slots by ranking up your gang)!
    • Some general map fixed
    Go check it out right now!

    The MineTheftAuto Build Team!

    Video made by the fantastic Shotbow Film Crew !

  2. LegendaryAlex Gold

    Ey ktrompfl did work I see.
    My comment on that vid btw is the best one of them all.
    Can't wait to try the new dungeons
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  3. Saber527 MTA Mini Admin

    Woooo! Nice work and a big thanks to everyone on the MTA build team, and all those who worked on releasing the update!
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  4. Ktrompfl MTA Mini Admin

    So happy that it's finnaly done

    *little hint: check out all the new dungeons... you won't die for sure :wink:*
  5. 00110101 Regular Member

  6. DallMit Regular Member

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