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Mine Theft Auto - High-end update

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by PokeDexLight, Apr 23, 2017.

Mine Theft Auto - High-end update
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  1. PokeDexLight Administrator


    Hello Shotbow, It's time for some Mine Theft Auto High-end update information!

    What have we done with this update? We tried our best to fix some features, we changed some and we even added new features to the game. Have you also seen our map update? NO? Shame on you, you should check it out right now!

    Now let's give you some more information:

    • Added a leaderboard viewable in-game via '/leaderboard'. The leaderboard is reset monthly and the top few players in each category at the end of the month win in-game badges and XP
    • Improved all missions and jobs and their respective pre-game interfaces. Missions and jobs no longer require any in-game money (Previously would have to buy loadout before a game of Last Man Standing)
    • Added helicopter cops that spawn and chase you when you have wanted level 5+
    • Jetpacks no longer negate fall damage
    • Added riot shields that offer varying levels of protection depending on the angle you are struck from
    • Suppressors are now optional and require you to click a confirmation in chat to use
    • Replace gun inaccuracy with gun 'jamming' so that everybody can use every gun, but people using guns they haven't unlocked yet will find that from time to time their guns jam and need to be un-jammed before they can continue to use them
    • Fix bandage spamming being advantageous
    • Objective help text moves to the 'boss bar' at the top of the screen
    • Duel wielding of appropriate weapons and grenades
    • Extra gang member slots purchasable (Note: This has not been done yet, since you can't buy it the XP shop at this moment)
    • Mine Theft Auto chat system adapted to fit better with that of the rest of the network
    • You can no longer get wanted during most minigames: Car racing, death match, etc...
    • Melee weapon cooldown times now visible to player via hotbar animation and do varying damage if used before cooled down
    • Guns improved, multiple bullet firing guns work more realistically with the number of bullets hitting being proportional to the damage done (Yes this means these bullet-spread guns work better close range than further away)
    • Stealing cars during car racing has been disabled
    • Mine Theft Auto resource pack updated to include more models than before and some texture improvements
    • Mine Theft Auto region-wide private messaging added with '/pm' featuring '/reply' and the ability to click on a message sent to you in chat to reply back to that specific message
    • '/ignore' has been added so you can ignore players that are being mean to you
    • Fix and improve minor issues with private games
    • Made all Mine Theft Auto servers have the same time of day, always
    • Adjustment to SWAT balancing
    • '/suicide' has been added so if you cannot lose the cops and just want to give up, you now can
    • Adjust the phone bank's limitations
    • Add thrust locking to aeroplanes, toggling by using the 'spacebar' - Useful for when you want to chat whilst flying
    • Increased entity tracking range and view-distance
    • Fixed some guns not appearing in loot chests
    • Fixed some issues with grenade consumption
    • Added the ability to go 'off radar' with an invisible name tag
    • Balance drugs better
    • Adjust sprint exhaustion and regen
    • Stop re-sending the resource pack everytime you switch Mine Theft Auto server
    • Made all weapons sellable
    • Switched the servers to use adventure mode instead of survival to prevent block glitching
    • Added an 'invite from party' button to the private mission/job queue creation menu
    • Lowered XP cost of much of Mine Theft Auto and increased XP payout of minigames
    • Given the audio service (https://www.minetheftauto.com/radio/) some love
    • Fixed known bugs from 1.8 version

    Map changes:
    The map is so much bigger than before. We now have a new area named Tamar Neighbourhood. This area is south of Grove Street, and contains expensive houses, a church, a high school and more.
    We have also expanded the area east of the Heartrow fire department. This new area has a huge hotel, a boardwalk amusement park, a water park, a big hospital, and a huge countryside area with a hydroelectric station.
    Beside adding new stuff we have also fixed some barrier issues, filled some holes to avoid players getting stuck and we also cut some high skyscrapers down to reduce "render lag".

    I'm here to announce that Mine Theft Auto will not open their admin applications anymore. From now on our staff will suggest players to the team that they think are qualified enough to join. Our builder applications will not be affected by this decision, so if you want to apply for MTA builder go check it out here.

    Last thing i want to do before i end this post. Let's give a big round of applause to the Mine Theft Auto team for making this awesome update!

    Have a nice day!

    Video from the Shotbow Youtube channel, made by our own Shotbow Filmcrew.

  2. Saber527 Platinum

    Can't give enough thanks to all the wonderful Shotbow members that contributed to making such a great map update! :)
  3. Creeperker Obsidian

    Woohoo! Love MTA forever!

    You forgot to add to the list that innocent App is now can be used by 1k $.
    Micatchu and Saber527 like this.
  4. PeAcE_W1th_Al1 Regular Member

  5. Cuty_Girly Gold

    I lost my back pack while playing minigames and it would be nice if i get a new one :D
  6. POWER_RANGER Regular Member

    Its nice to see that one game on shotbow implements 1.9 cooldown :3 I'm not into minecraft gun games that much but I might start playing MTA for 1.9 :heart:
  7. iBeaturskillsss Regular Member

    I hate the 1.9 but i still playing :lmao:
  8. Micatchu Platinum

    Saber527 likes this.
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