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Mine Theft Auto - Feedback Thread Beta Weekend #1

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by PokeTheEye, Jun 26, 2022.

Mine Theft Auto - Feedback Thread Beta Weekend #1
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  1. PokeTheEye Retired Staff

    Mine Theft Auto - Feedback Thread

    As our first Beta Weekend is live right now till tomorrow (June 27).

    Please list your feedback from this weekend on this thread. We are aware not everything is working and can look limited to some eyes, but some features are left out on purpose.

    For reporting bugs please use the Shotbow Discord server and use the command !support bug <ign> to create a room where you can contact us (staff) in private.

    Thank you in advance!

    NOTE: As of July 3rd this feedback thread is closed. If you missed this thread please send Noobfan or I (PokeTheEye) a DM on the forums or on Discord.
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  2. DX_Contra Regular Member

    I think all in all MTA now is pretty good, although I have to note this is my first time playing MTA.
    I like the cars, although sounds for them would be a nice addition, since right now you hear footsteps.
    The bullets are in my opinion really bad, the velocity should be a lot higher and guns should be a little bit more accurate, as to now even when scoping in bullets go all over the place.
    There are a few insignificant and more significant bugs, which I will not discuss here.
    All in all I had a good experience with a lot of lag and some unpolished features, I think the current MTA is really good.
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  3. Pigboy_YT Platinum

    MTA is pretty fun but there is one big thing that sticks out to me as a feature that would help a lot. When finding new guns it's difficult to decide which ones to use, this can be solved by adding the stats of the weapons in the description. It's hard to figure out if one gun has a faster fire rate or deals more damage or if the reload speed makes it good enough to reload midfight. It's just hard to get a good feel for different guns of similar types. Besides this i have had a lot of fun with the game.
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  4. DrGrubenheim Regular Member

    I have enjoyed playing MTA again, and I think it is alright. I did have some points of frustration however, there are for example some holes in the map that once you fall into it you can't get out unless you teleport, there are some chests that contain guns and other loot that doesn't work, and selling guns is a bit confusing. Aside from that I think MTA is great, and I look out to playing the full version.
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  5. Deathwing Emerald

    A single annoyingish bug I found:
    -legacy items are still in the game. I found several guns, a few cars, a helicopter, and more

    A few of my personal wants/suggestions:
    -cars are wayyy too big, the models are fantastic but maybe add an option to shrink them or disable them and just have a minecart
    -vulcan minigun has too much damage drop-off, it takes like a hundred bullets to kill an army trooper just a dozen blocks away, and because of gun knockback and damage you cant get close. you will either risk death or just get knocked back and the drop-off will suck again
    -all cops deal too much damage. cops, swat, and army troopers. if you have so much as 3 on you, even in full diamond you can get demolished easily. I personally think they should get a big nerf, not as much as to the point where you could farm dozens like in the old MTA, but hopefully in a middleground where you could relatively easily handle maybe 5-8 in full diamond, but getting a dozen on you is a tough challenge or death sentence.
    -shotguns, LMGs, and snipers should have at least some gun upgrades available to them
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