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May - State of Slaughter

Discussion in 'Slaughter' started by Valadro, May 1, 2016.

May - State of Slaughter
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  1. Valadro Gold


    Welcome to the May State of Slaughter thread! These threads are made to collect feedback monthly for all of our active game modes. This one is for our game mode, Slaughter.

    Now, what do we want from YOU?

    If you have any comments regarding these topics, please reply to this thread.

    Bugs - If you find any bugs, feel free to post them here! Please be as detailed as you can, and don’t forget to include screenshots or video evidence, as that will be a major help in re-creating them! If it is a major game-breaking bug, please private message one of the respective lead admins (Maggie and Valadro) about it instead.

    Balancing Issues - Is there something that seems off? Does something have to be buffed or nerfed? Please be very descriptive when talking about these balancing issues. We greatly appreciate any suggestions you would have in regards to solving these issues! These could be things such as gold prices being too high for various items, certain mobs being too difficult, etc.

    Feature Suggestions - If you have a great idea and want to share it, please do so! We are always in consideration of new features!


    We are going to be holding these "State of Slaughter" posts at the beginning of every month, and close them after 7 days. So, make your voice heard! We want to hear your feedback! If you have any feedback for any of our other major game modes, be on the lookout for posts in their sub forums as well!

    We look forward to your feedback and appreciate the time you take to help us improve our games here on Shotbow. Thanks for flying with us!

    Note: This post will close on May 8th. Please post your feedback as soon as possible, so we can review, and work on the feedback for the remainder of May.
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  2. Axyy Marketing Team

    Currently I don't know any bugs or so.. I only want to say that the game is great!
  3. JeTi_Brothers Platinum

    Is there even a developer for this gamemode?

    And I would say make the waves generate themselves after the end. So basically you win but then there will still be new rounds till you finally die. Adding some new mobs would be cool as well.
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  4. Jeroenhero Retired Developer

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  5. JeTi_Brothers Platinum

    Also there are a lot of poorly placed barrier blocks. Some times the zombies get trapped in them and you literally have to wait forever for them to rebalance till they are out of there.
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  6. lntercourse Regular Member

    - Add more maps (I'll be submitting some).
    - Add bosses
    - Add a more hype ending.
    - Bigger, more adventurous maps.
    - Possibly add kits or a way to implement Shotbow xp into Slaughter.
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  7. Smartzz Emerald

    Make it so that mobs don't spawn on the side of stuff and remove some of the barrier blocks.
  8. VictorLight Regular Member

    This game is really amazing but needs a lot of improvements it is kind of boring swinging your sword and breaking your fingers so here's what i think of:
    -Classes would be great just like Anni! it started with only few classes now it is epic! (i have ideas :3)
    -Abilities if possible... how? well you can choose a class and then choose an ability to help you during fights for example:
    you get half a heart when you kill a mob
    chance mobs to drop more gold
    chance to take less damage
    chance to deal double damage or just +1 damage
    -Also add thing more exciting! for example:
    a mini boss spawns every 5 waves
    you get a random item to help you in the game every 3 waves
    -Event every wave For example:
    The one who kills most mobs wins gold
    The one who pays most gold for doors wins enchanted armor or something
  9. Power_Rangers Regular Member

    Slaughter should give (wave * 250) xp for each wave :stuck_out_tongue:
  10. VictorLight Regular Member

    you can get over 9000 xp then
  11. GalacticaGX Obsidian

    Best idea ever! I would get 7500 XP on the 10th wave! great! :lmao:
  12. Lil_Jeffy_com Platinum

    -Add Mini Admins.

    Trust me, almost all of the hackers I've seen on Shotbow are on Slaughter. It's just so easy to hack on here.
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  13. Axyy Marketing Team

    Yeh, I agree.
    Me and thomas were in a game like 1 month ago and we saw 3 hackers with kill aura for animals lol.
  14. Valadro Gold

    Well, there are always ways that we can improve upon our game modes, but thanks so much! :)
    Yes, there is a developer for the game mode, but currently we are working on making Slaughter 1.9 compatible before implementing any new ideas.
    Seems like these barrier blocks are causing quite some havoc! When we convert Slaughter to 1.9, we will definitely look into possibly changing up the barrier blocks and making adjustments so mobs won't get stuck on them.
    Yay, new maps! We've been looking into some old maps, but if you want to create some, we will look into them! We'll definitely consider some of your other suggestions as well, but note that just because I say that doesn't mean they will 100% for sure be added.
    As I said in response to Intercourse's post, we will definitely consider looking into your ideas, but then again it doesn't guarantee that they will be added.
    We will definitely look into adding some more admins for Slaughter!
    Um, that might be a little bit too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

    Thanks for all of your suggestions guys! I know that I originally said that this thread would be closed at an earlier date, but I wanted to see what suggestions you guys had. I will now close the thread, but think about ideas for the next monthly feedback thread! :)
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