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March - State of Slaughter

Discussion in 'Slaughter' started by Maggie, Mar 2, 2016.

March - State of Slaughter
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  1. Maggie Retired Rainbow Admin


    Starting today and occurring at the start of each month going forward, we will be soliciting feedback from the community on all of our active game modes.

    What we want from you:
    This information should be posted in the comments of this thread.
    1. Bugs. Please include any and all bugs you find, but please be as detailed as possible so that we can try to recreate them. Screenshots and video are especially helpful for us understanding. If it is a bug that can be used to gain a major advantage, please private message the bug report to the respective game lead.
    2. Balance issues. Again, be very descriptive in current balance issues and we would especially appreciate suggestions on how you would solve those issues.
    3. Feature suggestions. If you have a great idea and want to share it, this is the time!
    EDIT: What can we do about cave spiders and how they impact the game?
    Thank you for sticking with us through the past holiday months, and the first few months of 2016! We are going to be holding these "State of Slaughter" posts at the beginning of every month, and close them after 7 days. So make your voice heard! We want to hear your feedback! If you have any feedback for any of our other major game modes, be on the lookout for posts in their sub forums as well!

    We look forward to your feedback, and appreciate the time you take to help us improve our games here on Shotbow.

    Thanks for flying with us!

    This post will close on March 7th. Please post your feedback as soon as possible, so we can review, and work on the feedback for the remainder of March.
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  2. WobbleWalrus Silver

    Slaughter bugss... hmmm, Well, when there are no mobs left but you continue to experience knock back and take extreme damage. No this is not lag, I have had this before any waves have even started. I have heard this is called a "Ghost" but I dont understand it.
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  3. ACrispyTortilla Councilor

    possible removal of the dreaded cave spiders, always takes about 10 minutes once we finish off all the other mobs on the game but of course, 2-3 cave spiders are left unharmed in unreachable places...
  4. __J___ Platinum

    Or just auto kill the last 5 mobs after level 9 instead of removing spiders, that would majorly speed things up.

    Add a level 23 with harder mobs, withers, something(lots of suggestions in the forums). After diamond you are near invincible, Slaughter needs a challenging final round VS the super long 600 mob round that isn't really hard at that stage, just taxing.
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  5. GopherAsassain Platinum

    Make it so that when mobs are being relocated, they will respawn in the original spawn area so that there isn't a 10min delay between rounds
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  6. Mistri Network Lead

    [Sorry for off-topic]
    I thought mege was ded? :eek:

    [Back on topic]
    Feature suggestion -- some sort of voting system that allows you to relocate mobs? If majority votes, then it will be quicker?
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  7. Maggie Retired Rainbow Admin

    Do you have any video or picture proof, or any steps to recreate? I've not personally experienced this without spiders being in the match.

    I can make a poll about removing/changing how cave spiders interact within the game.

    If you can work with me (or yourself :stuck_out_tongue:) and come up with a solid plan, I would love to bring it up to the Devs. That's been something suggested many times and I could use help picking out a perfect one!

    I'M BAAAAAAAACK (jkjustforslaughter)
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  8. Rrrepatiti Gold

    Increase the xp per wave back to 3xwave or 2xwave. Waves will take long and hard to beat and we deserve a good amount of xp.
    Add minibosses.
    Add secret loot hidden around maps.
  9. __J___ Platinum

    I don't have any video of this, can try and get some. it's quite an odd bug, every once in a while when you log into a game you will start taking damage like something invisible is hitting you. I've had this happen at login even when there were no mobs yet. I've seen it happen to others as well. To fix it I usually have to leave the map and join another one so no idea what it could be. It isn't just a mob under the ground for sure, when it happens whatever it is will follow you.

    Ok, let me put some thoughts together, will dig through the forums and condense options.
  10. Rechoke Silver

    Greetings everyone,

    I know the upcoming text is a busload of suggestions. If anything is not clear of what I'm trying to say, do no hesitate to ask me. I would gladly elaborate further.

    I can see the game becoming more going into detail and capability of achieving a lot in a lot of different ways. since it's origins comes from Black ops zombies a lot of my suggestions here are indeed from those games. The reason I'd like to see these aspects more in slaughter is so that the game aspects from it to enhance the gameplay and being able to achieve a lot with it. Not xp achieving necessarily, but just a fun experience for the whole game which wants you to do better next time when you die. and these would be my additions, I also feel like 1.9 will work perfectly with the current Slaughter, and I am working some points of 1.9 into my suggestions.

    Ways of playing the game.
    Different ways to spent your gold in the process of the game to conclude a good strategy is something that people enjoy figuring it out, this already was shown a lot from BO zombies. Doing the figuring out part already for them by having one way of playing the game will make some people get bored easily, and stop playing this amazing game which potentially could give so much more. even though it gives a lot right now. from this point of view I figured out a lot of these suggestions.

    Permanent perks
    These perks are something that could be just potion effects, but there could also be a few more that could give some other ways of playing. Would also be a great addition to the game in my opinion, and these should have different looks from the item frames, just a little build that would be the same on every map where you would put these perks, which should be buyable with gold in just the same way. maybe even a puzzle that you would have to complete to obtain a certain perk. These perks are lost when you die. And these would replace all buyable potions from the item frames. but not on the same positions.

    Enhanced swords
    Turn all swords (except for the beginning sword) into iron/diamond swords, then give each and every sword their own specific name that would logically resemble what it does. (Fire aspect, poison, knockback, HP absorbing. No cooldown) Make it balanced, but do let some peak out. some swords should be obtainable in some maps, and some shouldn't, to keep it variated and special. Upgrading your weapons and each weapon in their own way. This would add great differential in personal preference to the combat gameplay, which is a good thing. Upgrading your swords should be only doable with one of the places a certain perk would be, and this place is where you could be getting an upgrade that would be difficult or puzzling to reach.

    Special waves
    These waves would appear every 5/10 waves and spawn a certain mob(s) which is more difficult to defeat than the regular mobs. Depending on each wave the mob(s) are getting their difficulty increased. if the idea would be to at only one boss mob to defeat, something like a wither with obviously decreased difficulty in the earlier waves should work out, even if they wouldn't be difficult to defeat in earlier waves, it certainly would look like they are. And perhaps for special waves with more mobs, I personally think pigman should be the special mobs, because they fit as if they were the only mobs spawning due their vanilla appearances. When there is one special mob, it would be spawning with the usual mobs that round, but with multiple special mobs they should be the only ones spawning that wave. Also maybe specials mobs that would spawn when you enter a certain area in the map and when you triggered them spawning because of reaching such a location (like magmmacubes on Thermal point?) they should spawn everywhere in the map for until you left that location.

    Increased gold drop
    simple suggestion, Adding an increased gold drop for specific mobs would be very rewarding for those who dare to go in an area filled with Enderman and chickens. Here is a little list that I'd suggest each mob should drop.
    Chickens - 1
    Pigs - 1
    Cows - 2
    Cave spiders - 1
    Zombies - 1
    Wolves - 1
    Skeletons - 2
    Creepers - 3
    Enderman - 4
    Pigman (multiple special mobs) - 6
    Wither (One special mob) - 20

    Better mob spawning
    Sorry I am making this assumption without even knowing if I'm right, but I think I noticed it because of loads of mobs coming from the spawn when I was at a whole different location, this happened in thermal pointe. I'd think it would really speed up the game if mobs only spawn around the area where players are. Maybe a way to do this is correctly is turning each area of the map in 1 specific Locaction. So the spawn area will be called for example is Location_1 and areas next to those are Location_2 and Location_12 (making it easier for next suggestion) and rooms beyond that are obviously called Location_3, Location_4 etc. Why? well perhaps it could be a possibilty When for exmple, everyone is in Location 9, The spawnpoints will be divided over Location_7,8,9,10 & 11.

    Infinite waves
    Something that makes you want to play again is because you want to be better than you were doing before. I can understand that you'd think this could possibly become a thing that would make people unable to play because servers are going on for such a long time. I don't think it will last for a longer time we are expecting because of hidden mobs will most likely be tweaked if the updates do come out. and with the better spawning I also suggested. this couldn't take that long. I guess there should still be a mob amount increasment. Maybe perhaps a 'mobs'x1,05 each wave after 24. which would turn out like 600, 630, 662, 695, 730 etc.

    I think the Minez2 Reviving mechanic would be really good for this, without the long time it uses to revive someone though. maybe decreased to a 15 seconds? and perhaps it could take 8 seconds if you got one of the perks I suggested earlier? The player who died would 'really' die if if takes more than 50 seconds(15 seconds reviving time included) to get revided. once the player is revived he/she should run back to the place of death to regain the loot. I feel like this would work a lot better instead of when you die you just die it instantly. and have the ability of still helping your teammates out after you messed up.

    I would sometimes just like to spectate a slaughter game and chat for a bit. this could also help out people who want to learn the game from another ones point of view, instead miserably dying to chickens in the first wave each and every time which happens a lot.

    After the game ended, I'd just like to see how many mobs I've 'slaughtered' that game. Maybe this could show up in a little inventory HUD. where you can see on the first row an Icon with a diamond sword that holds all the main information of your stats the game. total kills, deaths, revives, total money obtained, total xp gained. and below that a row of icons with spawneggs, hovering over these spawneggs would give info how many times you killed that specific mob, and how many times you died by that mob, and possibly how much damage these mobs did to you. on the lowest row. A few icons that hold information of miscellaneous things you've done that game. How much gold you've spent, how many doors you opened, how many items you bought. how many perks you bought, and a few more of those. If it were possible to see the stats of people that joined that game that would be amazing too. I'd suggest this by adding a player head icon in the lower right corner with it saying 'Watch player561's stats'. Hopefully it is also possible to see the total amount of all stats in the slaughter lobby.

    This just took me 5 hours of friday. hope it was worth it :b

  11. wepile Platinum

    Add a compass that points you to the nearest mob. It generally takes ages to find the few remaining mobs at the end of each phase so I feel like this would be a pretty coonvenient thing to have
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  12. Maggie Retired Rainbow Admin

    Holy meow. So many ideas, so little time to read them.. This looks like a major overhaul project.. I like it. Perhaps we can wait on this until a later time when the developers are not all busy with the State of X threads. I'd love to pass these on though. So good.

    Or perhaps after only 10 mobs left (approximately) move the remaining mobs to the centre?
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  13. Supertacoboy Regular Member

    Probably been said numerous times, yet. Try to fill in areas outside of the map so mobs can't spawn there.

    One more thing: Occasionally I will randomly get kicked from the game and will have to start over. :(

    Other than that, it's good! :)
  14. Pyachi2002 Slaughter Lead

  15. TunaFeesh Platinum

    Hmm, I don't really play Slaughter too much - only when it first came out for a couple months.
    The reason why I stopped playing was because the game itself felt like it took no strategy. Like Ramp said, strategy is important.
    When I first played this I was excited because it felt like CoD Zombies (Didn't know it was actually based on it though, that's cool.:eek:)

    The one thing that I, and many others, like about that game is the fact that zombies are slower than you (even the boss ones). This means that you have to focus more on where they are, how many are there, where they spawn, and if you have the weapons to kill them.
    Not about frantically clicking on the masses of road-runner-fast mobs.

    Tl;Dr- Make mobs slower.
    (Ramble much:stuck_out_tongue: )
  16. Dinohoot8 Platinum

    I would say add more maps. I have sooooo many ideas for maps like a Tunnels map, Space map, library map, and sooo much more! Also, if Shotbow did infinite waves, then I'm pretty sure then the servers would crash.
  17. Rechoke Silver

    why would they crash?
  18. Dinohoot8 Platinum

    If there was more and more mobs spawning in, it could crash.
  19. Rechoke Silver

    The mobs wouldn't be all alive at the same time. They spawn all in order when other mobs die.
  20. Dinohoot8 Platinum

    Good idea!
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