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March: State of DBV

Discussion in 'Death by Void' started by 97WaterPolo, Mar 6, 2016.

March: State of DBV
  1. 97WaterPolo Administrator

    Hello everyone!

    I would first like to say thank you to all of you addicted minecrafters who keep pushing each other to get a slightly faster time then the other just for the bragging rights! You guys are the real MVP for keeping DBV a successful game mode!

    News for the Month
    A few changes are being made to the way in which we operate.

    - We shall try every month to get one of these posts up in which we will hear the suggestions of the people and get some feedback.

    - If any bugs were to be encountered, please report it via the report a bug section in the forums, OR you can PM me the issue and I will get this fixed ASAP.

    This Month's Highlights
    Death By Void has still being going strong, but:
    • With the release of 1.9 we should have some really cool pieces coming out as well.
    • We also reduced the amount of Infinite Platforms needed so that the following is true
      • Tier 5 = 600+
      • Tier 4 = 375+
      • Tier 3 = 225+
      • Tier 2 = 100+
      • Tier 1 = 0+
    • Soon we shall be implementing a tutorial area for new players, and we shall also being added a race mode in which you can challenge your friends.

    Final Notes
    Thank you so much for supporting Death By Void and making this such an amazing parkour game!

  2. ImbC DBV Lead Admin

    Also, what are your general opinions on the current pieces in DBV? More? Less? Change? Tell us below!
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  3. _Arty Gold

    In the daily course you respawn on stone but the problem is that i fell't of the map on a stone place and it was impossible to go back so i was blocked.
    I really love death by void it's been for so long on Shotbow and i feel proud of it that it's still alive. When people told me they moved ghostcraft to the garage i really was scared that they moved this game too. Thanks all the people who keep this amazing game alive!
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  4. ImbC DBV Lead Admin

    What do you mean? How would one go by recreating this issue?

    Glad to hear that you enjoy the update! :)
  5. Deathwing Emerald

    Found some typos
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  6. WobbleWalrus Silver

    Yeah weve been over this in chat.
  7. Bupin DBV Admin

    I would greatly appreciate it if I was able to get new disguises from chests. I've had times where I've only unlocked 2 disguises, and I got those same ones 7 times over. If it is possible to have a slightly higher chance to get new disguises, I'd appreciate that.

    Also, there should be new messages for when you find chests in infinite mode with a higher grade then common. As an example, if you find a "rare", there could be a message like "You feel a great source of power near you..." or something like that, so we are aware of great treasures nearby.

    Another thing, with the "recent times" leader board, I think it should be replaced with how many people have completed infinite platforms in a day. That way, there's more competition and more incentive to play both existing game modes as it resets daily anyway,

    Thanks once again for making this game mode great and for lowering the max amount of platforms!
  8. Koffge Regular Member

    If you got all of 'Rare' disguise's for example there shouldn't spawn any 'Rare' chest... it's always so disappointing. :(
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  9. Bupin DBV Admin

    While I do agree to this somewhat, I feel that if this was implemented, it would be way too easy to get all of the disguises, and you would only be able to get chests from 80+ infinite platforms.
  10. Bupin DBV Admin

    With regards to infinite mode, is it possible to change tiers mid-game? As an example, I'm on platform 98. I get to platform 3, and the game can automatically change my tier. Is this possible at all?

    Also, Infinite tiers should give out *slightly* better rewards for the higher tiers, so that it is easier to get epics/legendaries on Tier IV or V.

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