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Map18BBC Carebear

Discussion in 'HCF Build Submissions' started by WildWargasm, Jun 26, 2014.

Map18BBC Carebear
  1. WildWargasm Platinum

    Faction Name: Carebear
    Faction Coordinates: 791, 53, 1320
    Link to Faction Page: http://www.hcfactions.net/index.php?action=factioninfo&faction=Carebear
    Album of Our Base: http://imgur.com/a/hYgIg#0

    Whilst embodying the ideals of friendship and trust, Carebear launched into Map 18 with ambitious goals and relentless determination. In our quest to enjoy the map in every way possible, we created a functional base to not only facilitate a large group of players, but to allow our builders infinite creativity in whatever they wanted to create. Throughout Carebear base you will see extensive detail and care put into every single room and corner of our base. Each room, such as the Spider Grinders, End Portal Room, or Nether Portal room, shares a similar theme to the rest of the base, yet embraces unique characteristics to make that part of the base fresh and creative. Almost our entire base is located deep underground, so everything had to be dug out block by block. Even though it may appear as if all our efforts were put into the base, our faction is not a sedentary one. Our base is located near active KOTH zones where fights are always taking place, and we regularly fight against large factions. As such, you will see incredibly amounts of functionality imbedded into every aspect of our base. We hope Carebear base inspires you in your own builds and that you enjoy it as much as we do!

    - 3 Spider Grinders, 1 Zombie Grinder, 1 Skeleton Grinder
    - Over 5000m^2 darkroom spawner, with redstone lamp lighting system
    - 12 fully automatic auto brewers with fully stocked potion room
    - 15 furnace synchronized smelting system, along with a furnace room
    - Centralized and safe End Portal and Nether Portal rooms
    - Enormous semi-automatic wheat, potato, pumpkin, and melon farm
    - 2 Enormous Sugar Cane farms, one in a 60% efficiency layout and one with a 75% efficiency layout
    - 2 Paper Trade Villagers. Our villagers sell Looting swords, diamond armour sets, glowstone, and other rare enchantments.
    - Iron door safe rooms located throughout base
    - /f home is a completely safe bunker, only accessible when teleporting home, keeping cheaters out of our base
    - 2 bunker rooms with full loadouts in case of emergency
    - A backup resource room containing cows in case our main animal farms get killed
    - Cute cow and sheep farm
    - Subclaims for all members along with centralized public chests for resources
    - Above-ground string traps with a tunnel system
    - Tunnel system leading to active KOTH areas like Rocket and Swamp
    - Protected bunker containing our items for End of the World, as well as a giant statue of WildWargasm

    Special Creative Aspects:
    - Enormous underground hub, fully furnished and decorated
    - Arching hallways and wall details
    - Aboveground Villa with clock tower, graveyard, fishing hut, pond, and walkways
    - Chest room with a giant heart for carebears
    - Themed mob grinder rooms. Graveyard for Skeleton and Zombie, Mineshaft for Cave Spiders
    - Huge potion room with arching pathways and towering pillars
    - Our-door themed cow farm
    - Prison theme for sheep farm because I hate sheep
    - Unique subclaim chest areas for all members
    - Specially themed and large end portal + nether portal room

    Album of Our Base: http://imgur.com/a/hYgIg#0

    Quick Base Flythrough Video:

    Detailed Base Tour, with Commentary:

    Members that have played for more than half the map:
    WildWargasm, DannyLarious, dahcwick, KortaDawnGuard, FattyGotsGuns, ClassyScrub, PedroPwnage, djpork, AkwardPenguin, _sullivan, locoa53l, watsmyname12, Syncronox, ELiTE_TROLL, Oculism, jeffrocks26.
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