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Map18BBC ArcAngels

Discussion in 'HCF Build Submissions' started by Like_A_Bear_Z, Jun 20, 2014.

Map18BBC ArcAngels
  1. JonkoDonderdag Gold


    Coords, -975x 1320z

    Link of base : http://www.hcfactions.net/index.php?action=factioninfo&faction=ArcAngels

    Our base is the best because, our base is based on a Nordic Theme. We fighted about who was going to build the Building, afther we did it with 4,5 people working on it in the beginning. Me (Like_A_Bear_Z) and TarzanTim (Left the faction) builded the cobble box, We got camped for so long because we we're building the box, then people saw us build it, we had to ask ohana to counter raid so we could finish the box. And make the building.

    Imgur photo's : http://imgur.com/a/4btQq

    Youtube link:

  2. 323465963 Retired Staff

    Great map! Also, not to hate on you or anything, but you had misspelled "lead" as "leaded" in the credits portion of your video, as the past tense of "lead" is "lead" :lmao:

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