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Announcement Map Rotation Schedule

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Sevy13, Dec 8, 2018.

Announcement - Map Rotation Schedule
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  1. Sevy13 Annihilation Co-Lead



    May 2021: This thread is no longer used, please see the new rotation thread!

    Map Rotation is back!
    After much planning and testing we are excited to announce that Map Rotation is finally back! Get ready to play some brand new maps, as well as some of your old favorites like Collis and AnniZ!

    I’d like to start by saying thank you to everyone that submitted new maps, helped test them in the sandbox and provided feedback on the forums. You are the reason this has been possible.

    What we have done in preparation
    As part of our preparations we reviewed all map submissions, both past and present. Maps that showed potential were added to the Sandbox and a great number of them are now either set-up or in the process of being set up.

    In addition, three favorites have had a “do-over” in the form of both quality-of-life and aesthetic changes, they are; Re-Cherokee, Re-Canyon and Re-Villages. These re-worked versions will replace their original counterparts for the first month of rotation to gauge community feedback. It will be up to you to decide whether they should replace the originals.

    *(Credit to our talented mini builder Yadkari for Re-Canyon and Re-Villages)

    The new Map Rotation schedule
    As part of the new Map Rotation schedule the total number of maps in rotation will be reduced from 20 to 15 (this number may vary due to seasonal maps), fewer maps means an increased chance your favorite map will coming up in a voting.
    Maps are divided into categories (or tiers). A map’s popularity will determine which tier it is placed in, which in turn determines when and how often it is rotated. Map Rotation will take place on a monthly basis. The in-game voting system will be used to rate map popularity so be sure to cast your vote!

    The tier system
    • Tier 1 - Coastal (the original and all-time favorite Anni map) – always in rotation (unless replaced by its seasonal variants: Ghostal & Hohohostal)
    • Tier 2 - The six most popular and most frequently played maps – initially determined by us, but will in future be determined by the community via the in-game rating system and forum feedback. Divided into two groups of 3 that alternate every month
    • Tier 3 - All other playable maps that don't belong to another Tier – will be decided each month by a randomizer (tier 3 maps from the previous rotation will be excluded)
    • Tier 4 - All new maps that have gone through initial play-testing in the Sandbox – 1 new map to be introduced every month (pending availability)
    • Tier 5 - Seasonal Maps – such as Spookdrasil and Wintertide
    • Tier 6 - Maps that need fixing – either because they are extremely unpopular or have game play issues
    What you can do to help
    We need your ongoing help! This is what you can do:
    • Make a map and submit it on the forums! You can submit as many maps as you like, but remember quality over quantity. See link for requirements.
    • Use the in-game voting system. When your team dies you will be given an option in chat to rate the map from 1-5 (5 being the best rating), simply click on a number and your rating will be registered. If you don’t want to wait you can also vote at any time by using the /ratemap [1-5] command. You only need to vote once for any given map, the system will remember your rating. If you should change your mind, you can vote again and your rating will be updated.
    • Attend Sandbox Map-Tests
    • Leave constructive feedback
    The initial lineup
    The map line-up for the first rotation will be as follows. To kick things off we are including two new maps instead of one! Pokatoto & Stonehaven. For this month only the rotation will include the new rebuild series (Re-Cherokee, Re-Canyon & Re-Villages) which will be replacing their Tier 2 counterparts. It is up to you to decide if they should permanently replace the original maps, so be sure to let us know what you think!
    1. Hohohoastal (Tier 5)
    2. Wintertide (Tier 5)
    3. Recanyon (Tier 2)
    4. Recherokee (Tier 2)
    5. Revillages (Tier 2)
    6. Pokotato (Tier 4)
    7. Stonehaven (Tier 4)
    8. Yggdrasil (Tier 3)
    9. Solumque (Tier 3)
    10. Castles (Tier 3)
    11. Thallos (Tier 3)
    12. Temples (Tier 3)
    13. Kingdom (Tier 3)
    14. AnniZ (Tier 3)
    15. Alpine (Tier 3)
    16. Highnorth (Tier 3)
    17. Cavern (Tier 3)
    *(The addition of two new maps instead of one, and two seasonal maps, means this month’s map count is 17 instead of 15)

    Going forward
    We hope that this new schedule will change up game-play and bring some much needed variety to Annihilation. At this stage nothing is set in stone and both timeline and specifics are subject to change. We hope you are as excited about this as we are, and we look forward to your feedback!

    Thank you for your help and support to make Annihilation the best it can be.


    Map Rotation Format Changes - 30 Aug 2020

    The main complaints I'm seeing with the current system are "Why is there no Coastal voting" and "Why do I have to wait a whole month for Andorra/Canyon?"

    Issues with the current system:

    1. With 15 maps in rotation, the chance of your favorite map spinning up is very small, that includes Coastal. Players sometimes have to wait for hours for a Coastal voting, this is the #1 complaint and people (especially clans) get very irate over this.

    2. Half of the Tier 2 maps are gone for a whole month, that's a long time if your favorite map is Aftermath or Canyon, both being extremely popular maps

    3. Yes we want people to try new maps but we can't force them, if they are given no choice they will often leave the game as soon as a better voting spins up, this creates unbalanced games. It's worth noting that Tier 3 maps get played a lot more later in the month when people have made themselves sick of the T1 & T2 maps.

    4. There are some inconsistencies in the way votings are deployed, i.e. maps sometimes spinning up more or less frequently than others. We don't currently have a way of fixing this until some other stuff is fixed first, but it's in the works.

    The New Map Rotation Format:

    Starting now, rotation will occur twice instead of once a month. Everything else will stay the same, except for the Tier 3 maps which will be divided evenly over the two rotations. Each rotation will now have 10 instead of the usual 15 maps.
    So for each two week period the rotation will look like this:

    Tier 1 - 1 map
    Tier 2 - 3 maps
    Tier 3 - 6 maps (5 if there is a new map in rotation)

    (Tier 4 - New maps will be added as needed, no longer on a regular monthly basis)

    This may not be the final solution but it will give us an idea if we are headed in the right direction. Please leave your feedback in this thread.

    Link to the original thread can be found here.

  2. Jarool Emerald

  3. popcheese Regular Member

    Yes! Anniz is coming back to us!
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  4. Tozzu Platinum

    Hell yeah
  5. toilethinges Regular Member

  6. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    I kinda hate that coastal is now in every rotation, because it is already so overplayed and now it will be picked like 9 out of 10 times. The only chance of a map besides coastal being picked was really just when it wasn't an option. It's a good map but sometimes you just want some variation.
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  7. Hingey Platinum

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  8. Sevy13 Annihilation Co-Lead

    We debated adding Coastal to tier 2, and that option has not been fully discounted, but it's extremely popular and a lot of people would be upset if it were to be out of rotation for a whole month.

    Collis may not be in rotation this month, but it is now part of the pool that maps for rotation are drawn from. It was previously retired.
  9. notswipe Retired Staff

    AnniZ fuck yea
  10. Litnetti Emerald

    ya'll normies are not ready for anniz let me tell you
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  11. Champion_Guiga Gold

    I'll make sure to login to give Castles a 5, and give Cherokee a 1.
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  12. N0TOriginal Platinum

    This is awesome! Temples is coming back from the grave lol :lmao:
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  13. Sevy13 Annihilation Co-Lead

    This month's Map Rotation is now live. We are also sporting a brand new Winter Anni Lobby!
    The new lineup is as follows:

    Tier 1 (in every rotation)

    Tier 2 (popular maps, alternate monthly)

    Tier 3 (randomizer results)

    Tier 4 (new map)
  14. Mohawk2 Mini Builder

    Wouldn't it best to make a new thread in the Anni part of the forums, pin it, and edit it to change it every month?
  15. Slaystyle Platinum

    if you remove andorra again i will be very angry sis
  16. Sevy13 Annihilation Co-Lead

    This month's Map Rotation is now live. The winter Anni lobby is being replaced by our standard Anni lobby which now includes the NPC's of the wining team of our recent Anni Tourney!

    Tier 1 (in every rotation)

    Tier 2 (popular maps, alternate monthly)

    Tier 3 (all other maps, randomized)

    Tier 4 (new map)
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  17. Slaystyle Platinum

    no andorra am go commit die
  18. Murgatron Retired Staff

    Andorra is a popular map however we do want to try and give other maps a chance to be played :) currently this is the easiest way to do this. In the future we hope to overhaul the map system to allow players to vote for a "tier" group of maps so there is more variety!
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  19. FireGuyNL Platinum

    Solumque is back :D
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  20. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    People just need more accessibility options on newer maps. Left click to change compass to base mode? (show mine locations and such)
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