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Question Map Download

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by amf3000, Feb 19, 2024.

Question - Map Download
  1. amf3000 Regular Member

    It's been 4? years since MTA was taken down and in all that time I still occasionally checked every few months to see if there was an update on when it would return. Only today did I actually see the message that MTA is not coming back, and while I'm not shocked, it's still pretty sad for me since I was really hoping that one day I might be able to drive through the streets, browse my collection of items, and relive my memories from 7 years ago.

    Now obviously the game won't be coming back, but surely a copy of the map itself still exists right? It obviously wouldn't have any items, or NPCs, or vehicles, or stores, or functioning elevators, or any other modded mechanics (although a single player version of the game would be great), but I would still be super happy to have just the map itself. I can't even find good pictures of the map since minetheftauto.com died and is now some spam website or something and https://shotbow.net/forum/p/maps/ doesn't have the MTA map anymore. And even they all had the isometric perspective that makes it impossible to see anything that isn't in the foreground.

    So in other words, is there a download of the map available somewhere?

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