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Question Map download?

Discussion in 'MineZ' started by MoltenNinja1181, Jul 31, 2020.

Question - Map download?
  1. MoltenNinja1181 Regular Member

    So, I want to attempt the Anvalia Mines dungeon, but I want to practice first risk-free. I’ve found other threads saying the entire map can’t be downloaded, and I’m fine with that, because I just want to practice this one dungeon. I’m not really concerned about the command blocks either, it’s a pretty straightforward dungeon and I just want to practice the parkour. Is this possible/allowed?

  2. ShayminPlays Platinum


    Unfortunately I don't think they allow world downloads for this. If you want to practice Anvalia Mines you'd have to do it on the live servers unless somebody built it by hand. Fortunately, the dungeon group Simoon's Avengers has a practice server where you can find multiple rebuilds of MineZ parkour including Anvalia Mines! I won't advertise the server IP here for obvious reasons, but you can get an invite to their Discord server if you ask Lil_Jeffy who you'll probably see in the Shotbow Discord from time to time.

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