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Smash Map Building Contest - Voting

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by dLeMoNb, Aug 10, 2020.

Smash - Map Building Contest - Voting

Which do you like best?

Poll closed Aug 22, 2020.
Pac-Man 7 vote(s) 9.6%
Castle Upon Alun 5 vote(s) 6.8%
Coastal 11 vote(s) 15.1%
Warped 4 vote(s) 5.5%
Freezeflame Cavern 13 vote(s) 17.8%
Olympian Heights 20 vote(s) 27.4%
Endgame 13 vote(s) 17.8%
  1. FullAdmin SMASH Lead, Japanese Community Manager


    Map Building Contest - Voting

    As our dedicated SMASH players know, we've been holding a map building contest to add in 3 new maps, there were a total of 7 great submissions posted, and we look forward to seeing what the community picks! Voting will be held on-site, at the top of this post.

    A player may only vote once. Please refrain from using alts to submit multiple votes to the contests. If we find out a player has used alts, we will invalidate all votes by that player, and that player will no longer be able to participate in the contest. And if this player had submitted a map, that map will no longer be considered for placement.

    Voting Period
    Now until August 22, 13:19 UTC

    The top 3 winners will all have their maps added into SMASH after the voting period is over, additionally the top 3 winners will receive the following;
    ・1st Place: 1 Month Shotbow Subscription + 50,000 Shotbow XP
    ・2nd Place: 50,000 Shotbow XP
    ・3rd Place: 25,000 Shotbow XP
    If you build a map with partners and place 1st, everyone in the group will receive the reward. 2nd and 3rd places, however, will split the reward.

    Builders: Cuube, Axyy
    Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/gfO47q2
    Submission Link: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/smash-pac-man.402799/

    Castle Upon Alun
    Builders: LeFunny
    Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/kuDLz0z
    Submission Link: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/map-submission-castle-upon-alun.404284/

    Builders: Cocopontokawwwww
    Pictures: https://gyazo.com/5823db195547ec2d9c758454f6f41495

    Builders: Cometcat13
    Pictures: https://imgur.com/gallery/hVeMNBH
    Submission Link: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/smash-map-contest-entry-warped.404662/#post-3061921

    Freezeflame Cavern
    Builders: ChickenMac7, + 1 unlisted builder
    Pictures: https://app.mediafire.com/o2vkq0ytc7pd1
    Submission Link: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/freezeflame-cavern.404692/

    Olympian Heights
    Builders: EnderMCx
    Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/1j9K5ng

    Builders: jckrawling and LordGarmadon2006
    Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/RnnJvuY
    Submission Link: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/smash-endgame-map-submission.404992/#post-3062875

  2. Smartzz Emerald

    Ender's is kinda fire ngl
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  3. JeTi_Brothers Platinum

    I like all of the submissions. Voted for Endgame as I think the little islands will play very nicely. Good luck to everyone though!
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  4. Outra Retired Staff

    Good maps!
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  5. Darth_Bachious Retired Staff

    My favourites are freezeflame, pac-man and warped, which is (of course) a personal opinion.
    I have to say in general all maps are good, so a small reward for all the builders might be nice (again just my opinion).
    Also, because 3 maps are added it does not make sense to let everyone vote for only 1 map, so I also request to make a cast multiple votes possible.
  6. Yesus42 Platinum

    Quick question: Are there any plans for the removal of some older maps once the winners of this contest have been added?
    jiren74 likes this.
  7. jckrawling Regular Member

    Shoutout to all the other submissions! A great crop of maps all around.

    For quick access to our map's screenshots and download link please see below.

    Screenshots: [Imgur]

    Map Download: [Link]
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  8. Veghetto Retired Staff

    If the site/forums allowed for that, I'd push for that as well, but assuming we get a lot of voters it'll reflect what the players want best.
    I don't believe we are planning on removing maps, but which ones do you think should be removed other than the festive ones? Also do keep in mind with the latest Left Field update we can restrict maps from coming on the ranked playlist, so we can easily consider just having those maps in the pool. My personal opinion with maps is "the more the merrier" because it gives more replayablity to the gamemode and allows for a wider variety of maps, although that's just me.
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  9. ChickenMac7 Platinum

    I think the maps should be organized, maybe by size or approximate date added. The map menu looks a bit messy. But I agree, more the merrier.
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  10. Yesus42 Platinum

    I do agree, there really isn't any reason to remove maps from casual since it's completely up to the players to decide what to play. I was asking because a few of them (Cube and White Chapel are the ones i remember rn, there might have been a couple more) have, in fact, been removed in the past.

    As for ranked, i feel like a bunch of maps should be permanently banned, namely Winter Cell, Smashmas, and Snowflake. Additionally, although this is probably more of a bug that will eventually be adressed, maps should be chosen based on the amount of players in a match, so that 6-player-fights on Temple don't happen anymore.
    jiren74 likes this.
  11. Veghetto Retired Staff

    Maps are currently organized by alphabetical order, which is likely the easiest way to do so for players looking for a specific map. I mainly just go off of the map icon.

    If they are still popping up in ranked, Ill take a look at them since they should be seasonal maps. I wouldn't know if 6-player temple for ranked is exactly a bug, because I'm sure people would complain if we limited larger ranked games like that to large maps, as less of the player populous seem to enjoy that for competitive play. Perhaps we can look into voting out maps specifically for ranked.

    Those past removals were likely done because lots of maps were being added in the past, whereas now we receive less submissions for maps in general. I assume if the GUI gets any more crowded we will look into purging maps or expanding the GUI.
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  12. EnderMCx Builder, MineZ Mini Admin

    Here's the schematic download link to Olympian Heights. I was originally going to give it out once the contest was done with, but I've come to realize that doing that doesn't make much sense. Everyone should have the opportunity to download it and take a closer look before voting. So here it is!

    Edit: Fixed minor issues with the schematic that I didn't notice before I submitted.

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  13. ChickenMac7 Platinum

    I kinda want all these maps to be added, or at least those deemed worthy that lay outside the top 3. If you got top 3 in the contest from 2018, you would get a reward, but your map wouldn’t necessarily get added. Warped looks like it’ll play very nicely and should be added, but it’s not top 3. More maps the merrier, right?
    Yesus42 likes this.
  14. Veghetto Retired Staff

    Well, any map creator could just submit their map later on to be added and go down the normal route if they still feel strongly about it, its not like we'd deny them the ability to try again!
  15. Axyy Marketing Team

    I feel like it would be better to have more than 3 maps added, but just the best 3 get rewards.

    Addition: I mean on the pac-man submission we got 16 upvotes and 0 downvotes, so the community clearly wants to try it out, even though it's not even close to top 3 on here.
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  16. FullAdmin SMASH Lead, Japanese Community Manager

    We will announce the results and the prices of the building contest in the coming version of Dentril‘s New Moon
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