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Map 27 EOTW Information

Discussion in 'State of the Server' started by Davidss10001, Jul 24, 2015.

Map 27 EOTW Information
  1. schiindler Retired Staff

    HCFactions Map 27 End of the World

    Friday July 24th we will be ending Map 27.
    End of the World activities will start at 5 PM Central Time. The cap point will be active at 7 PM. Come prepared for battle!

    The timeline of events will be as follows:

    • 5:00 PM - Deathbans are reset and PvP protection is removed from all players. Server reboot.
    • 6:30 PM - The World Border moves in to the edge of the WarZone. Make sure to be in the Warzone when this happens or you could be teleported randomly!
    • 7:00 PM - The WarZone becomes death ban again and the cap zone at Spawn is active.
    We hope everyone enjoys our EOTW Event, it's the last one from a regular map we will have. c:

    Starting July 25th we will be having a greatest hits montage of the 4 maps you guys voted for (even though I said 3).

    Our first Throwback Map, Map 13, will be a throwback to where it all started HCSMP but with the factions plugin. Every faction will be limited to 1 person, and will last one week until Friday where we will have EOTW.

    We've also decided to make bunkers for the factions that request them, it will contain Armor, Pots, Auto Brewers, XP Bottles, Food and such.

    There will be 2 Per Faction (If you get bunker raided you will not get a second one.) Only Leaders And Officers can request them. The coords have to be within Warzone.

  2. antcat Regular Member

    when is sotw
    xnx17ts likes this.
  3. lenerdx Platinum

    is hcf gone forever?
  4. antcat Regular Member

    ikr i miss it :c
    lenerdx likes this.

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