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Map 26 Start of the World - Map 25.5 EOTW

Discussion in 'State of the Server' started by lh8608, May 15, 2015.

Map 26 Start of the World - Map 25.5 EOTW
  1. lh8608 Retired Staff

    HCFactions Map 25.5 End of the World

    Friday, May 15th at 6PM CST we will have a small EOTW for our kit map. We will remove all the kits and let you guys have a fun last man standing. We will then whitelist the server and prepare for Map 26.

    HCFactions Map 26 Start of the World

    Saturday, May 16th at Noon CST Map 26 will start.

    There are a few changes that will take place for Map 26. Please read through everything carefully and contact any admin for any questions you may have.

    • Deathban will go back to 3 days. The grace period before you may use a life or be revived is 15 minutes. Only an admin can over ride that, so if it's a unfair death, please contact one of us right away.
    • There will now be two Crowbars. One for Spawners which will go up for sale starting from day one and one for End Portal Frames.

      The End Portal Schedule is now the follow:

      Week One: Find the Strongholds. They will all be in the warzone
      First Palace: This is the only way to obtain the first End Portal crowbar. It will be a static reward for every Palace going foward
      Week Two: End Portal Crowbars will be a rare KOTH reward.
      Week Three: End Portal Frames will go up for sale in our shops at spawn.

      Please note when all the portals in the Strongholds are taken we will put the Public Portal somewhere in the Warzone.
    • The End Dragon being killed is now a 25,000 Shotbow XP Reward for everyone online in the faction that slays it. Good Luck!
    • Faction land will cost more when resizing. No more crazy claim sizes without a high cost.
    Max DTR will be 7. It will still calculate determining on how many are in your faction. So, no 2 man factions with 7 DTR. =p

    Admin Participation in the upcoming Draft Map

    We have been asked to help enforce the rules that you put in place for your Draft. We have agreed to the following Rules.

    1. No Betrayals for the Drafted Factions. All Betrays that happen will result in a permanent ban. This will be a ShotBow ban.
    2. No Kicking. It was requested that we treat Kicking the same way we have treated kicking and killing in the past. If you feel someone deserves to be kicked, discuss it with a staff member if possible. If you are preventing a betrayal, just make sure to send in a modmail to let us know. That means Leaders need to choose their officers wisely!
    We are excited to watch you guys battle through this event. We hope that everyone follows the rules and has a good time.

    Remember that we have a TeamSpeak that can be used by all factions. We will meet all the needs with sub-channels or permissions. Just contact an Admin. TeamSpeak IP: ts.shotbow.net

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  2. Futurizing Platinum

    Lh u gonna disband the factions on the kit map and disable the faction commands for players for ffa? plz answer
  3. lh8608 Retired Staff


    I'll disband all the factions. We wont disable the faction command though. It's just going to be a quick fun EOTW.
  4. Futurizing Platinum

    people will still team/make factions if u don't

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