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Map 20 - Looking for a faction!

Discussion in 'Looking For Faction' started by spkids, Aug 23, 2014.

Map 20 - Looking for a faction!
  1. AroundU Regular Member

    Hi, my name is spkids,
    I am looking for a faction for Map 20 on HCF.
    I've never really got much into HCF because I've always been alone and I've always joined when the map was nearly reset. (I think the first time I ever got on HCF was Map 17, and then I died and didn't know there was a deathban so I didn't check it out for a long time).
    I've been playing loads of regular factions (the kind where you raid with tnt), and I'm kinda bored of that. So I've decided to get interested in HCF again. I joined on Map 19, only about 4 weeks before the reset, so I didn't really get anything out of that, but hopefully on this map, it'll be more eventful for me, so that's why I want to see if anyone'll let me in their faction.
    I've been playing Minecraft for a while, I know pretty much every crafting recipe and such, the only thing I lack knowledge in is redstone. Redstone's something I never needed to use before so, please don't ask me to make a complicated redstone mechanic please, lol.
    How active am I? Well, I kinda put of Minecraft for a bit for the past 3 weeks. I play lots of Starcraft 2 now, and school just started for me (I'm 15, I'm a sophomore). So I pretty much only get to play on the weekends because my parents are pretty strict about grades and such. But I'll try to get on and such.
    So yeah, here's my forum post, please consider it, and thank you for reading.
    Love, spkids :heart:
    EDIT: Oh, and I'm not really that great at pvp. about 3.5/10. In normal factions I would usually beat the crap out of everyone, but that was because I had tons of gapples and stuff, so yeah. We'll see. I tried pvping on kohi, I had 7 solo random matchups and won none of them. I got close to beating 2 but I didn't watch my health, so yeah, that's how my pvp is. I'm actually pretty good at pvp in Annihilation, but that's when everyone's in leather/iron, so yep.
    My bow skills are pretty decent.
    P.S. I don't use voice chat like Skype and TS, sorry, but if it makes up for it, I type pretty fast (120 WPM max)

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