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Map 20 Base Building Contest - Voting - Most Creative

Discussion in 'HCF Build Submissions' started by TravisArmstrong, Oct 27, 2014.

Map 20 Base Building Contest - Voting - Most Creative

Which base is the most creative?

Poll closed Oct 31, 2014.
BearClaw 8 vote(s) 23.5%
SloppyChickens 26 vote(s) 76.5%
  1. TravisArmstrong Retired Staff

    Contest Entries:

    Faction Name: BearClaw

    -Images: http://imgur.com/a/3Y0U3

    Description: BearClaws Base is a solo faction base, so it is huge for what we need. I build the base all by myself and I am very happy of what it turned out to be. I think my base is the best because it is a very nice underground base that is efficient and big. The Base doesn't have a real theme, but the floor design in our chest room is the AC Milan Symbol.

    Faction Name: SloppyChickens

    -Images: http://imgur.com/a/MolhC

    Description: Sloppy Chickens should be the winner because many hours of work or building and gathering materials went into this. We believe our base is the best one on the map currently, others have came close but not yet have matched our superior architecture. We have came up with a design for our upper portion and went with a cave based underground. We have two spawners, one of which is a skeleton and the other being a cave spider spawner, both of which have their own custom lever to turn them off and on! We also had a member with a design for our auto brewer. It is one auto brewer which can brew 5 different types of potions at once! We have used it multiple times and has helped tremendously. We didn't focus on any traps for our base. The only two traps we have is a small pond with the sign holding the water up as a quick way away from enemies. Seeing as we did not live near any factions that would camp us so that came of no use. We also had a very small trap that we never used. It's a simple lever to pistons that we would lure a faction in some way or another. We mainly based our base to win the building competition! We have also made a villager farm, we managed to farm out a paper last trade and get many emeralds! Thanks to a raid we eventually found, we managed to get over 32 emerald blocks. Fianlly to finish up the description, we have a few small farms that look very nice and a nice carrot, wheat, and potato-minecart farm. It works like a charm! Now onto the video! (please forgive the base that someone decided to build next to us) and enjoy!

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