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Suggestion Make upcoming Wasted tests obvious

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by Cahillguy, Jan 4, 2016.

Suggestion - Make upcoming Wasted tests obvious
  1. Cahillguy Regular Member

    This is a simple suggestion. I have been lurking these forums on and off for the past couple of months, yet have struggled to see when upcoming tests on Wasted: Control will arise. I'm sure there would be a lot more beta testers if the dates and times of tests are made more obvious.

    For example, these tests could be scheduled in the Upcoming Events section of the Forums: https://shotbow.net/forum/p/events/

    Also, the "Wasted: Control Public Testing" post should be constantly updated to include the dates and times of tests here: https://shotbow.net/forum/threads/wasted-control-public-testing-updated-10-30.325939/
    The last time this was updated was on the 30th of October; since then, if there were tests, there probably wouldn't have been a lot of people on.

    Finally, in The Weekly Arrow, the dates and times of tests should be listed under Wasted: Control (or Wasted: GunGame if there are also tests for it). Instead of just saying:

    It should say:

    If these 3 steps are followed, we'd have a lot more players on in testing, which will translate to more players on when Wasted: Control is finally finished! Hell, to increase hype for this gamemode, it should be featured in more home posts - most importantly, the dates and times of the tests (I'm saying this quite a lot, aren't I?) must be listed in such posts, as this is how we'll be able to get a reliable playerbase!
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  2. Jarool Emerald

    There was a test today... you probably missed it, but Robert did shout out that there was one.

    There's no specific time they plan to do tests, they simply do them whenever. You just have to be online at those times (but, to give an idea when they're usually on, around the time you posted this thread to a couple hours later). Remember, they can't always be on and ready to do tests at set times, sometimes something comes up and they can't do it.

    That aside, I'm hoping they release Control in the early months. It looked very much finished, but I know there's probably still some fine-tuning they need to do before all that. Then you can play all the Control you want!
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  3. Robertthegoat Developer

    Its my own fault. I can't hold to much of a schedule on here because college makes demands that I have to meet. Better to hold tests when I can rather than promising dates I can't be certain I can keep. I will try to plan more tests if/when I know I have time available, especially since Control is back in development these past couple weeks.

    Edit: I might also add - the last dozen or so tests have hit at or near 40 players, which is the maximum capacity, just by announcing via broadcast.
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  4. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    When was the most recent test?
    also I've suggested this already :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Cahillguy Regular Member

    Well, the last test that I know of was on the 10th at 6:30pm NZDT (so 9th on 9:30pm PST), I hope there's more to come!
  6. HypeTrains Mini Builder

    today's the 10th... do you mean december? OH my gosh I haven't been on control in a year HALP ME IM DIEING
  7. Cahillguy Regular Member

    Lol, the 10th of January 2016 (11th for me right now) :stuck_out_tongue:

    I feel ya, Control has been gone for far too long, I hope it's released soon!

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