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Suggestion Make the Game Playable without Having to Buy Platinum

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Haykazn, Nov 22, 2021.

Suggestion - Make the Game Playable without Having to Buy Platinum
  1. FIXVAMP Silver

    Hello, this is a collective message from all of the Annihilation players who are not Platinum, Emerald, or Obsidian, and would like to have fun playing Annihilation wihtout having to deal with massive competitive advantages on the opposing team. I'll just get straight to the point. Recently (about 5 months ago), I've noticed that it takes me a while to cycle any good enchantment on armor, weapons, or pickaxes, i.e. cycling a whole inventory full of wooden shovels to get a fortune 3 enchantment on my iron pickaxe.
    On that day 5 months ago (June 12, 2021), I resolved to survey this phenomenon and see if it were my mind playing tricks on me. I decided to collect data involving how long it took (how many cycles) to obtain the enchantments:
    • Sharpness 4 on a Diamond Sword
    • Sharpness 4 on an Iron Sword
    • Fortune 3 on an Iron Pickaxe
    • Protection 3 or 4 on any Iron Armor Piece
    • Protection 3 or 4 on any Diamond Armor Piece
    My friend has an Obsidian account on Shotbow, and I asked him to use it for the tests. I had to purchase Emerald, Platinum, Gold, and Sub by myself on different (and anonymous) accounts. I was gifted Silver on my main account by a generous person.
    Here's the data I collected.
    When I first finished compiling all my data (about a week ago) I was disgusted at these results. I knew there was something off, and my suspicion was validated. I think, for me, the biggest problem is not really that the game is pay to win (a lot of famous servers nowadays break the EULA anyway), but that the Shotbow Staff tries to hide it, and says that Annihilation is fair to play for everyone, regardless of their rank.
    I was warned multiple times during games if I brought this anomaly up when a Staff member was there, and one time I was even muted for the remainder of the game for talking about it. I hope people see what I went through and how hard I worked to collect that data.
    Another thing I've noticed is that, in addition to these enchanting advantages, I've sometimes seen Platinum and above ranked players get nocheated when getting scorpio voided, more times than often. For me, if I'm scorpio voiding and I manage to hook a Platinum or above player, I'd say there's about a 20% chance that he or she would be nocheated back into the map. I've also seen them deal more overall damage with their swords. However, this is all unsubstantiated data and shouldn't be taken into account when forming an opinion. The hard facts that I had to collect by hand are just above these paragraphs.

  2. FIXVAMP Silver

    Welp, I couldn't paste the table directly from Google Docs onto here. I'll have an Imgur link ready soon, my apologies.
  3. FIXVAMP Silver

  4. JTGangsterLP6 Annihilation Lead

    It's astonishing how much effort you put into an attempt to troll. :lmao:
  5. Medicx Platinum

    Can i use your text as spam copy paste? it made me laugh :lmao:
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  6. FIXVAMP Silver

    lol just happened again bs server i hit an enchanted iron guy 8 times with a sharp 4 diamond and he survived guess what rank he was :)
  7. IEvadeTax Gold

  8. marco_polo24 Gold

    That's is great, thank you. I needed a laugh
  9. hoodcapalot Platinum

    Could you take a look in tbc teamspeak i have been in there wanting to chat for around 5 days now
  10. NotInRange Regular Member

  11. pokeminer9999 Gold

    If you could even figure out how the 1.9+ damage calculation works in the first place I would be more astonished by that. Durability factors in, so good luck knowing consistently how much damage you are going to do

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