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Suggestion Make SMASH great again!

Discussion in 'SMASH' started by Axyy, Jun 1, 2020.

Suggestion - Make SMASH great again!
  1. Axyy Localizer, Marketing Team


    Unfortunately, the clock is ticking, the hours are going by. The past increases, the future recedes. Possibilities decreasing, regrets mounting. - A quote that really hit me, everything in the past seems to be better, but is it really like that? If we look at the current state of SMASH, the past was certainly not better focused on features. The past was way better focused on gameplay and experience. Nostalgia takes the overhand.

    People have not been enjoying SMASH as much as back in 2016, lack of players, lack of staff such as Developers. Those things don't help hosting a big game like SMASH. But how? Why did players leave? Will they come back? Will SMASH become one of the biggest games on Shotbow again? - Shotbow would need to work hard, for that to actually happen.

    Back to August, 2016 - At this time I was a Mini Admin on SMASH. We had multiple lobbies full with players, mostly German. Players were put in a compact and fun lobby where they were able to look for lobby secrets, with hidden hallways, secret doors and a lot of other cool exciting features... For those who did not want to play, me and the other admins built multiple rollercoasters, parkours, and hosted fun special games for everyone. Players liked this, that's why they even stayed on SMASH even if they did not want to play any more.

    But, players left, OG's like Galactica, Cuube, DrachenCube, let's say everyone of Team Galaxy (except Kingey) left - We all had our reasons, but mainly we did not enjoy playing anymore. Creator rank of GermanLetsPlays was taken away, EU was shut down, while the biggest part of SMASH's playerbase was German and a fan of GermanLetsPlays which meant they would leave SMASH because their favorite YouTuber did not play on Shotbow any more + they had horrible ping.

    Anyways, these were fun times! - I'd love to go back in time and do things differently, to support the network to the fullest.
    Now you know how I'd like to see things again, so let's start with the actual suggestions!



    • This was mainly suggested by Cuube on another thread of mine. I will just simply quote him: since the 1.9 update the assigned velocities when getting damage, they're all over, here and there. It really doesn't make sense most of the time and it's not fun trying to throw someone of a map, but suddenly that player in mid-air just avoids physics, avoids gravity, "Screw that, let me fly high, high up into neverending space instead". That is really, really game-breaking in my opinion since it's not how one would expect work this way. No one would. If anything should be fixed in SMASH, I'd give this the highest priority.
    • I also mentioned this in my other thread before, the current hit detection is not game breaking but it just feels weird. It would be in combination with, ping, server lag, anti-cheat, and 1.8 pvp mechanics being used on an 1.12.2 version. I'd personally love to see this being improved, at this moment it feels just weird.


    • I'd love to see some old boring maps like SMASHMAS getting removed and replaced by new fun maps. Yes, I'd also like to promote the 2 maps I submitted last week! Stadium and Pac-Man.
    • The current lobby looks beautiful, but it's just not SMASH. - People like the old lobby because it brought people close to each other, it was compact but yet really fun. There was a lot to explore, so I suggest to bring back the old lobby! :)


    • I’d love a party chat, so you can just chat with everyone that’s in your party. Means other people can’t see your conversations and you do not have to PM every single party member.
    • This would make it easier to switch particles, you don’t have to run all the way to the particle sign if you’re not around. This will also give the possibility to change your particles mid-game.
    • A lot of the time there are not enough players on to even start a ranked match, why not reduce the min players for ranked to start? (It could be 2 or 3).
    • Add a stats command just like on Annihilation, it will show how many matches you’ve won for unranked and ranked. It also shows how many kills, etc.. etc..
    • Same point as the /particles command, you don’t have to run all the way to the signs if you’re not around. Also /queue info, will show everyone that’s queued up.


  2. Veghetto Retired Staff

    I see nothing wrong with this, the only argument I can see is the lobby; this has been a debate even within the SMASH team for a while now. First of all, this post is really well done, and it outlines the current issues I have seen many players point out with current SMASH. We had a Jr Dev not so long ago, but he didn’t end up staying for long, this plus less activity overall really didn’t bode well for us. I hate to say it, but until we get more Dev manpower on the gamemode, we can’t really promise anything to SMASH players. MineZ, WiR, Anni, Dodgeball, and MTA all seem to be the main focuses for devs currently (and for good reason, they’re all awesome in their own rights). The best thing to do is to show support for the gamemode and (respectfully) vocalize concerns, ideas, and passions, that way devs may choose to prioritize it.
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  3. Yesus42 Platinum

    First of all, these are all great suggestions, and should definitely be considered in that order once we eventually get a dev. Since this thread will (hopefully) be used as a reference, I would like to add some points:

    1: Spectator Mode
    Pretty self-explanatory, and while not directly changing any actual gameplay, would make waiting out games where you got unfortunate and died early much less boring. Also, while I know practically nothing about java, I doubt it would be particularly difficult to re-implement this feature.

    2: Team Mode
    Again, not very complicated in theory, but this (party) feature would open up a ton of possibilities for matches.

    3. Tournaments
    This is much harder to implement and should definitely be even considered after the suggestions you made; but if kept fairly simple, I imagine it could be a pretty neat attraction that could really help bringing the population up. It could be introduced as a Party- or even Premium feature, alternatively, "official" Tournaments could be held at regular intervals, with the winners getting some xp.

    4. Better Support for new players
    I feel like this one is particularly important for the long-term survival of the gamemode, and probably the easiest one to implement. Basically, the overwhelming majority of new players lack understanding of
    --> The game mechanics (imagine being called a hacker for grabbing people)
    --> The xp system (and, by extension, the party pass system, or the fact that the pass doesn't cost real money)
    --> Literally everything about ranked. There isn't really any explanation about it (aside from the actual signs), and that is likely one of the reasons why so few people actually play it nowadays. A lot of players don't know about the xp bonus either.

    My suggestion on that problem would be to simply have some signs explaining the core mechanics (Double Jump, Stomp, and Grab/Throw), as well as more (or different) shoutouts explaining these mechanics. Have some "2x XP" sign pointing towards the ranked signs, and make them more prominent in general. In fact, while Veghettos point about the lobby change is 100% valid, I do feel like the old one had a much better placement for the ranked signs. Maybe someone could even create a short Youtube series that covers the basics. This would also lead to a higher overall skill level and, thus, to more competition.

    I might be wrong about some of these, so feel free to correct/add stuff.
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  4. lazertester Lead Developer

    I've got a small update in the wings that will add a quick menu and update the base of SMASH to 1.12. Team matches will work again and I have taken the liberty of adding a few new sounds. I can't guarantee addressing everything you enumerate, and will likely introduce new bugs. Do you have a specific example of a reliable time when velocity doesn't work as expected?
  5. Axyy Localizer, Marketing Team

    That's great!

    To my knownledge it randomly happens, I'm not quite sure if there even is a specific example of a reliable time when velocity doesn't work as expected
  6. Yesus42 Platinum

    I can't give specifics, but i believe it's mostly a problem when the respective player is airborne. As in, even getting hit while only jumping would just catapult you skyward
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