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Suggestion Make each gun sound unique

Discussion in 'Wasted' started by Cahillguy, Mar 6, 2016.

Suggestion - Make each gun sound unique
  1. Cahillguy Regular Member

    This is a minor suggestion, which should be implemented especially when official resource packs are released. However, right now it would help make Wasted more immersive, if each gun sound is unique - that way, pack makers can customize the sounds to what they want.

    Currently, many guns share the same sound, with some at different pitches. The sounds that I know of match with these file directories:

    minecraft/sounds/ (followed by the directory for each gun's sound)
    MP5/P30 = damage/fallbig.ogg
    M16A3/M4/AK47/SCAR-H = mob/enderdragon/hit1.ogg (and hit2/3/4.ogg)
    SW1911 = mob/zombie/wood1.ogg (and wood2/3/4.ogg)
    M60E4/M249/.44 Magnum = As above?
    UMP45/Short-Barreled Coach SxS/Remington 870/AA-12 = As above?
    PKP/Mosin Nagant = As above?
    MP18 = ???

    (Another suggestion: Please release the sound file directories to the public, so that we don't have to figure it our ourselves.)

    My suggestion is simple: Make each sound have its own unique sound directory.
    For example, I'd love to set the Mosin Nagant's sound to the AWP sound in CS:GO, but I can't do that without also hearing that sound on the PKP (imagine hundreds of AWPs constantly going off when firing the PKP)!

    Furthermore, the headshot sounds [dig/stone1.ogg, and 2/3], the MP5/P30 [fallbig.ogg] sounds should be changed to a sound that doesn't come up in Wasted (e.g. other mobs' sounds). That way, the headshot sound can be customized without hearing it every time you shoot a wall, and the MP5/P30's gunshot sounds can be different to the sound you hear when you fall from a great height.

  2. FearTheRainbow Platinum

    I agree, sounds for different guns would be very cool and it would add more effects to the gamemode.
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  3. Low_Ping Platinum

    Interesting, I too think they should add more sounds. In addition another way to tell what gun someone is using is by how fast it shoots. Although this is not true if you spam rather than hold click. I think it should be higher pitch sounds for the faster shooting guns; and deeper, and possibly louder sounds for the slower, but more powerful guns. Good post :)
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  4. 323465963 Retired Staff

    I don't see why each gun shouldn't have it's own unique sound. This would make it easier to identify what gun your assailant is using, which can better help you determine a strategy accordingly (e.g. is he using a mosin? If so, should run and strafe to him? Or is he firing a PkP semi-auto, to try and deceive me?).

    Regarding releasing sounds to the public, I'm a little iffy on that one. On the positive side, players can now create more intricate resource packs that change sounds too, however there's also the possibility that people can steal the gun sounds and implement it on their own server.


    You are looking very sexy today, mi amoré.
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  5. Low_Ping Platinum

    As are you, first time testing paraphrasing, seeing if it works.
  6. Cahillguy Regular Member

    I read that wrong at first, then I realized you were agreeing with me :stuck_out_tongue: This is a great reason; players that know what sound each gun makes will have an advantage over those that don't, which adds another level of skill - granted, it's not a major advantage, but it makes the game just that bit more interesting.
    Well, most of the resource packs created for Wasted already have their own sounds; for example, instead of the default enderdragon/hit.ogg sound for the assault rifles, they feature their own custom sound, which is processed by the server and changes its pitch accordingly (i.e. makes that sound deeper when the SCAR-H is fired, as opposed to the M16A3). Basically, the old resource pack makers already know which sound corresponds to which gun, so we might as well publicize that information.

    As for worrying about other people stealing sounds from the resource packs made for Wasted, they'd be able to do that anyway regardless of releasing the sound directories that Wasted uses. They'd even be able to steal whatever they want from a server resource pack complete with sounds, if it were to be implemented (I won't say how, but it's not that hard). So, better to encourage people to make resource packs for Wasted once more, by having a public list of what directory corresponds to what sound (which should be updated if/when gun sounds are made unique).
  7. Robertthegoat Developer

    Few things I want to note here:
    - I completely support unique gun sounds, however...
    > How to go about acquiring original and accurate sounds not acquired from other games, as I believe the former resource pack may have been...
    > How to guarantee sounds are original if they are submitted by the community....
    ...are a couple of concerns of mine. Original content must be sourced by the creator of the pack or by royalty-free open use providers such that the resources are not taken from someone else's work and can be verified as such.

    I have not yet investigated such options at this time.
  8. NotDiezel Regular Member

    Sounds are hard :(.
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