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Lunar Client and Cosmic Client Clarifications

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mistri, Jan 25, 2021.

Lunar Client and Cosmic Client Clarifications
  1. Mistri Network Lead

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    EDIT: this announcement is no longer completely accurate. Please read this update thread for more information.

    Lunar Client and Cosmic Client Clarifications

    Hello Shotbow players!

    This is a message directed to our players that use Lunar Client and Cosmic Client. We are releasing this statement in order to make Shotbow more fair for all players, and to notify you of potentially unwanted behaviors from your client. If you use either of these clients, please read this thread carefully.

    While we do not generally permit modified clients, we are aware many users play with certain clients such as Lunar Client and Cosmic Client.

    It has recently come to our attention that Lunar Client and Cosmic Client have a few issues impacting our servers and other players. Our staff team (and other teams) have done investigation into these clients, and have deduced that they may give players an unfair advantage over vanilla clients.

    While we will not go into detail about the advantages, we want to inform you that our anti-cheat software can detect these abnormalities and can ban based off of them, which might lead to "innocent" players being banned from Shotbow.

    While our stance on mods other than those specifically stated are "use at your own risk", bans caused by using Lunar Client and Cosmic Client will be treated like a normal modified client ban (permanent) going forward.

    The Shotbow staff team strongly recommends that you only use approved mods with a vanilla client in order to avoid being unintentionally banned by our anti-cheat software going forward.

  2. Vietmyke Platinum

    When do we have to switch?
  3. exodus Platinum

    > making shotbow more fair for all players

    > making anti-cheat clients bannable

    big brain things
  4. hoodcapalot Platinum

    Imagine on foenem dead grave you are tripping on gbo cuz we have been banging lunar client fto badlion should be bannable with more particle mod but those the opps you know we been rocking with forge #LEGIT #blessed #freethereal
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  5. aanni Obsidian

  6. columbians Emerald

  7. lPirlo Media Creator

  8. ToxicMaki Platinum

    why would recommend people use forge where its 10 times easier to cheat on, than a client just like Lunar.
    Just because the anti-cheat can detect some stupid thing doesnt mean they are bad or such(i know about cosmic's ghosthand which i dont agree with but that can be detected i believe without false banning people that doesnt use it)
    i've seen blatant cheaters and some of them i see them again in like 10 days and they are not banned, and why would anti cheat not ban those blatant cheaters but Lunar client users will get ban ????
  9. InstantLightning Jr. Developer, Web Mod Lead

    Howdy y'all,
    I'd just like to let everyone know that we are not alone in making this decision on Lunar Client. Several other networks have done the same, and we will not be hunting people who use Lunar Client to ban them, but we will not be unbanning people who are banned due to irregularities caused by it.
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  10. Nicson Emerald

    Encouraging people to use forge when its like 10 times easier to cheat than on lunar client
  11. Nasar Obsidian

    Yeah man lets use Forge where I can bypass 4.0 reach. All I can say is LunarClient prevents people from cheating, Don't direspect the non-cheater community by saying LunarClient and CosmicClient is cheating. You're literally promoting cheaters. Making bannable anticheat clients, that doesn't seem smart.
    Why don't you try LunarCleint yourself lol.
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  12. Habassuhh Platinum

    When will recently reported people get banned for cheating? The community knows well that the server does not have anticheat and if it does it is not effective, lunarclient is the solution for its community since they will not have to invest in a better anticheat if they force everyone to use it.
  13. Kalashhnikov Platinum

    Then disable all the useless particles that anni has (too much nexus hit particles, the firework particles with Mercenary and at the end of the game, or make the server 1.8 - 1.16 LIKE SOME OTHER SERVERS DID (COFF COFF YOU CAN'T TELL ME IT'S IMPOSSIBLE) for those who get huge help with FPS in game due to Lunar Client. I've done this one time when i made the first post against the trash kb 1.12 base vanilla has and there were people telling me that it was IMPOSSIBLE... 3 doritos after? New kb system. Don't make me do it again.
  14. sinosuke_ Regular Member

    don't get yourself killed
  15. Jarool Emerald

    I honestly don't understand why people believe that suddenly not using Lunar means everyone's gonna start cheating. And you act as if, too, that everyone used Lunar and had the same unfair advantage. What are you really trying to say here?
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  16. J0RGEcjng Obsidian

    If you suspected someone of using a ghost client it was pretty easy to convivence them to use Lunar Client and try and sorta proof they weren't ghosting.
  17. Jarool Emerald

    I feel like you're making an assumption that using Lunar means that you can't be hacking. That's simply false, and I dare you to prove otherwise without simply stating it has an 'Anti-cheat' built-in (that's meaningless).

    If you weren't assuming that, then I don't understand your comment.
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  18. _kuma_chan Platinum

  19. Finneey Platinum

    this is so stupid LOL
  20. PUSEI7 Obsidian

    optifine only is best :heart:

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