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looking for members

Discussion in 'Looking For Faction' started by LDRDUPSTEPL, Jun 8, 2014.

looking for members | Page 2
  1. _DZ_Productions_ Regular Member

    the base is finished those who request were sent an invite
    if u didnt get one post anoter request and ill accept it

  2. koopatrooper50 Regular Member

    someone messed with my mine while I was away, so I jumped in a pool of lava-back to starter kit. :(
  3. koopatrooper50 Regular Member

    Can I have an invite? (Look at my thread for my skills)
  4. Mark_C Emerald

    Can I join, I'm experienced and am decent at building and will strip mine for hours if needed
  5. vRaptor99 Regular Member

    IGN: vRaptor99
    Specialty: Pvp Im a good Archer Great Miner and decent Builder
    Redstone Skills: 4/10
    Nether exploring 8/10
    Monster Fighting 10/10
    Gender Male
    How Old 14
    Skype I don't have
    Location Canada
    Language English

    Please accept me:stuck_out_tongue:
  6. benjwu2 Regular Member

    IGN: benjwu2
    Specialty: Redstone (I work mainly on traps), Archery (I can snipe from about 50 blocks away and can dig specialized foxholes for sniping stealthily)
    PVP: 7.5/10 (about that, I don't realy do melee, just long-range sniper support.
    Nether exploring: 9/10
    Monster fighting: 8/10
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15 (Sorry if this skin seems kiddish, I made it a while back)
    Skype: benjwu2, my email is [email protected] if you need it.
    Location: NC, U.S.EST
    Language: Americanese/Chinamerican (jk, English :stuck_out_tongue:)
    About myself: I enjoy solving puzzles and problems, and improving designs to make them more efficient. I especially enjoy looking through the "trivia" section of minecraft wiki for the latest exploits and little-known facts. One-way doorways, insta-mines, trackless minecarts, anyone?
    Contact me if you see fit to let me join.

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