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Looking for members- rawr

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by Nasar, Mar 17, 2021.

Looking for members- rawr
  1. Nasar Obsidian

    Hello dear Annihilation community rawr is currently looking for clan members.
    We're only looking for 2 specific roles; Gold Miner and Brewer.
    Send your current IGN
    Describe yourself as a player and person
    Why would you want to join us?
    Make sure to speak English/Spanish (fluent)
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  2. GoogleClient Emerald

    #wantMyKalahback legend player rawr
  3. Vietmyke Platinum

    I am very nice and I can brew pots whenever and whatever you want :D
    I would like to join because my clan always makes fun of me and I want to be in a clan that is not toxic. :100:
    I can speak fluent english pero mi espanol es muy bien no cap
  4. hoodlol Platinum


    I Smoke gold all day and night so i am best for position of gem miner so i can sharp 5 1minute with xp hack and then use my koid hack but i i hide very good with this i done rolled a few rawr members up in a wood in my life you know blood i use to be in NS Mush Warzone APL TCN CJNG

    cuz you guys have Sigure_p0i he is worst secret agent and i am best so i am Agent on anni i can make prot for in 60minute and gapple in 120minute and potion in 50 minute and i know alc pot make with netherstartwarthblazers

    spanish only player and english only player so you know im smart my old ign was JorgeCJNG i am old player of shotbow.nets

    i am also on leadeboards player of [Redacted] cuz i alt kill farm but legit

    -Best World Wide
  5. GoogleClient Emerald

    Ing : Liseven

    I'm a pro Player , I'm a very big fan of Piga team
    I'm pro Player for Solo rush if i have 5 gap for 20 dmg nexus

    Age : 1 yo (i'm baby)
    My dad is GemMiner
    Can i join ? I'm a good gold miner

    discord : Tortoise#8397

    -Best Regards Liseven
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  6. Liseven Gold

    Ign: GemMiner123
    Age: 2 years old
    Dad: Liseven
    Note* I have petit pipi

    I mine 5 stacks gems.

    Discord: Supertron123#2144

    -Au revoir GemMiner123
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  7. tatatatatatatat Gold

    lff on hcf with not retards
  8. GiveLifeB2Music Platinum

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  9. GoogleClient Emerald

    My name is Supertron, I'm from NA (I'm from france). I would like to become again an rawr member, I am very active and also efficient for rawr, My strengths, I speak Japanese very well in vocal and in writing also in french and spanish, I have a lot of experience. I would like to help the development rawr. In my values I have the desire for a good job and to be part of a good clan like rawr, I am committed and I want to learn and develop within rawr. Being part of rawr will give me great pleasure to learn with rawr and I will show what I am capable of to help rawr to show you how make grief gold mine in game. I would like to join rawr. (Makky is my best friend)
    -Regards Supertron
  10. Toyl Silver

    IGN: Toyl

    - Lightskin
    - Rich
    - Handsome
    - Intelligent
    - Former #1 Lunar player
    - Former Co-Leader of TMC
    - Have experience with brewing pots for SoupSkidz, Dragneel, Voltage, NoLimit, and Dawn.
    - Current carry for GOAT9
    - Hold the record for most gaps made in phase 1 (13)
    - Richest & Handsomest Shotbow member
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  11. okaycrying Platinum

    IGN: GabrielGamboa

    - Lightskin
    - Rich
    - Handsome
    - Intelligent
    - CJNG Shooter
    - Former Co-Leader of TeamPana
    - Have experience with brewing pots for Dragneel Dawn SoupSkidz Voltage
    - Current carry for N/A
    - Hold the record for most gaps consumed before phase 3
    - Richest & Handsomest Shotbow member

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