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Looking for an active PvP Faction

Discussion in 'Looking For Faction' started by chazawazza, Jul 23, 2014.

Looking for an active PvP Faction
  1. chazawazza Regular Member

    Hey guys, this map I have been attempting to join a pvp faction. I was with one last map and the beginning of this map, but I was solo betrayed and kicked because "the faction all agreed to quit" even though they are still active. I'll keep the name private for now. Anyway to the rest if what I wanted to say. Last map I was with PapiChulos with aimbotlock, frasure, and redpanda99 [-censored by admins, please don't advertise-]. I guess what I'm trying to get out of that is that I am pretty darn good at potion pvp. I whip on [-censored by admins, please don't advertise-] all day, and I have a lot of experience with potion. Sadly the next thing I'll say might annoy most people looking for members, after I( faction miner) was betrayed I lost all my great pics and all my blocks of diamond, redstone, lapis, etc. As a result I have nothing on me, if I am recruited I will be able to find any sort of diamond easily, I spend a lot of time in the mine when I need to, and if I need to, like I did last map, I can build traps. I have gotten a lot better with redstone over the last couple of weeks and I have been really bored not being able to contribute to anyone this map. I can be contacted through Skype, or I can use mumble or teamspeak, whatever is most convenient. But guys please at least take me into consideration, I really want to finish this map out. ;D thanks!


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