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Looking for a faction murit89 Great Allrounder

Discussion in 'Looking For Faction' started by murit89, Jul 16, 2014.

Looking for a faction murit89 Great Allrounder
  1. murit89 Regular Member

    IGN: Murit89
    Age:15 (not a squeeker)
    Teamspeak: Yes
    Skyoe: Yes
    Timezone: UK can be on late though
    Activeness: Pretty active but wont be on 24/7
    Why should you let in your fac: Well i have played multiple reg faction servers e.g gontroller, icewynd and optic. Got bored of these because i was pretty much getting accused every single fight and the fun of raiding gets old after a bit. I decided its time for a change, i started on kohi factions with onixmc,razerker,joesoegg and a few other friends our fac was successful but there a bit inactive, so i decided why not try hcf. I consider myself a pretty good pvper not saying im better than but people i have killed are syncronox, snoopy, xyfa, izaine and a few others. Dont mind doing base work can build a wide range of traps because of my past experience in regular factions. Looking for a decent faction.PLease consider my request.

    -Murit89- :D

  2. ChromeDPVP Silver

    Hey u wanna make one together

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