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Looking for a faction in map 20.

Discussion in 'Looking For Faction' started by KrimsonPVP, Aug 20, 2014.

Looking for a faction in map 20.
  1. Racism Emerald

    I, KrimsonPVP will be starting HCF in map 20. I am in need of a faction. I prefer a rather popular faction.
    A bit about me.
    Age: 13
    Activity: I am literally on 4 hours a day. Minecraft is my hobby :].
    I have both TeamSpeak 3 and Skype.
    I have a mic.
    I have 20 HCF lives.
    I would rate myself 9/10 in PvP.
    I've had several years of experience on Hardcore SoupPvP servers, to practice my strafing. I'm decent in PotPvP, I played PotPvP for almost a year now.
    HCF Experience: I'm going to be honest, I only recently started HCF. I was in a small faction, with my friends. So I have around 2 months of experience. Although, I have had experience on other faction servers. 1 1/2 years on a faction server, and a 1 year on a hardcore teams server. But I have played annihilation for almost a year now.
    I'm good at base building as I have had experience. I understand the concepts of HCF and how it works.
    PM me if you would recruit me.
    I look forward to playing you in map 20.
    See you then! ^~^

  2. AdamTk Emerald


    Vouch, Join Victrix with me and R33PS :heart:
    Only thing is I do not know about a 9/10 in PvP. 1v1 kohi M8 :)
  3. Racism Emerald

    Sure..Whenever you're available.

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