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Looking for a Fac :)

Discussion in 'Looking For Faction' started by RoxasHerzloser, Aug 22, 2014.

Looking for a Fac :)
  1. Cr0wn_L Platinum


    you probably don't know who I am.
    But I know who you are :eek:

    I'm currently looking for a faction for the next map. I'd describe myself as a nice guy.
    Well the best way to learn more about me is playing with me I guess :confused:
    (If that isn't enough you can still ask questions.)

    So I'll just follow the Mainstream Instructions for "Looking for Fac" Threads so, here we go:

    IGN: RoxasHerzloser
    PvP: 2/10
    Building: 10/10
    Activity: Depending on school. Pretty often on at weekend. (Real Life > Hcf.)
    Age: 16
    Timezone: GMT

    I'm not a really good pvp'er I spend most of my days in mines where I'm safe but that got boring fast so I needed a new thrill.
    Basicly what you get if you accept me is a Miner/Builder/Farmer. I might be a bad pvper but I know that. I don't die often since I pretty much spend the whole time farming/mining.

    I hope there are at least some factions who would accept me since this is a PvP based Server and I already admitted I suck at pvp but maybe if your faction needs a new meg then I'll be there :)

  2. Forgotten_king Obsidian

    I was going to send you a private message, but I can see you've disabled that.

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