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Localization Team Applications Are Now Open

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Fridge2177, May 3, 2019.

Localization Team Applications Are Now Open
  1. Fridge2177 Retired Staff

    Localization Team Applications Are Now Open

    Hi everyone!

    Today we're happy to announce that Shotbow is opening up staff applications for the Localization Team.

    During this round of applications, we are only looking for Japanese, Chinese & Dutch localizers however, if you'd like to apply with another language feel free to do so and we will keep your application for 1 year in case a position opens up. The application has changed since last time and there is a new translation to be done. If before you were denied for not having a high enough level of translation and you feel that you have improved please, give it another go!

    Before you check out the application, here's some background about what this team does for the network.

    If you don't know what localization means, it is essentially a fancy word for translation. On the Localization Team we translate things like the rules, YouTube videos, ban appeals, game phrases, and much more. The goal is to have access to as many languages as possible in order to reach a wider audience; and that is only possible with your help.

    If you want to know who is already on our team, just check out the Shotbow Staff wiki page at the bottom and you'll see what languages we currently support.

    As the team grows, I would like to have language support in places like our Discord but in order to do that, we'd need the people to help, which is where you come in.

    Below is the application: follow and read it carefully and I will start to go through the applications after a week or so. Even if you are not accepted on the team, we will send you a reply on the forums so keep an eye out for that! Replies will come anywhere between 1 week and 2 weeks so be patient!

    Thank you for reading and good luck!

    - Fridge & the Shotbow Staff Team

    Click here to apply!

  2. connor564 Platinum

    Not worth applying if you aren't a native speaker

    Source- previous denial responses
  3. Fridge2177 Retired Staff

    I wouldn't say this is the case at all. Im not a native French speaker yet I lead the team. What we look for in the applications - especially when we have a current member who can speak the language is the proficiency level at which the text is translated and we do so anonymously. If the translation looks good, then we do a background check and see who made the translation.
  4. connor564 Platinum

    Eh, at least that's how it was described to be back when Samstag ran the team.

    EDIT- "Sunlost" to "Samstag"
    Fridge2177 likes this.

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