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Annihilation Livestream - Nexus Natters

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Murgatron, Apr 19, 2019.

Annihilation - Livestream - Nexus Natters
  1. Murgatron Network Lead


    Hello everyone! :)

    Join me tomorrow at 4.30pm US Central time for a livestream I'm calling Nexus Natters.

    I'll be chatting about some potential upcoming changes to Annihilation and giving your an insight into how I approach tweaks, balances and the overall design to the mode.

    I'll be covering:
    • Balancing mobility classes
    • Encouraging more teamwork
    • Improvements to Spider class
    I will also cover some community suggestions on the forums so be sure to get your ideas down. There will be a chance to ask questions during the stream as well.

    I hope you will join me for the stream - if it's a success we may run more of these in the future!

    See you tomorrow!
    ~Murg :heart:
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  2. Anthobot Platinum

  3. Monster_Bug Platinum

  4. Jarool Emerald

    Oh... no. I mean... yes? I wonder how people will react to the way you approach balance. Should be interesting to hear any way it turns out.
  5. PaySafeKaart Platinum

    Nicee, i'll be there!
  6. Unhinge Platinum

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  7. Ivandagiant Silver

    Gonna miss the stream due to work, looking forward to watching the VOD though
  8. Th1ccN1bba Regular Member

    no one cares about spider LOOOOOL
  9. Ivandagiant Silver

    Hopefully after the changes we will
  10. Mohawk2 Regular Member

    THAT'S THE POINT! They want it to actually be a useful class that is used!
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  11. capt_MadMan Platinum

    special appearance by me
  12. LegitHunkinBoi Regular Member

    Just watched the first 36 mins. Really liked the stuff on mobility kits, "being able to pick and chose your fights is powerful" is pretty much what I've been saying since I started playing. Like with the scout v bloodmage example. It doesnt matter if bloodmage has a pvp advantage if the scout can just run and heal come back until he wins, etc.

    Just yesterday in one of my games, blue had a large group of all scout/dasher players. It was so boring I wanted to leave the game. Theres no counter play to that. If any get low they can get away. They dont risk losing gear because they can get away. Nothing I can do to try and pick one off because I'm not a mobility kit and dont have a large group.

    The sooner this is live to test the better. I'd enjoy playing infinitely more. As a not mobility class user, they steal my joy. Every other player I run into is scout or dasher. Even if we out play them they still get away. I want to use the less comon classes to try and do interesting plays but its just so not viable when everyone is a mobility kit that has much more weight than any of my abilities with no little or no disadvantage.
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  13. Hingey Platinum

    Woah woah woah hold on there. Can someone write down the changes to spider? I really dont see it needing a buff, its a class so little people have experimented in I dont think many have seen how useful the class actually is.

    Its a high skill cap class that not many people have put time into, The web mechanic is like other high skill classes like Scorpio and Wizard it takes some getting used to. The webs are alot more powerful than murg presented them. In a real game situation you dont have time to dodge the webs spawning around you or even right on top of you. Even then it isn't that hard to push an opponent into a web or use them as crowd control. I see the pyramidal webs becoming extremely annoying when multiple people play this class more than it already currently is.

    As for the slowness and weakness buff:
    *slowness doesn't effect the speed at which you ascend up ladders or webs
    *also why weakness? we don't need another "run away class" like scout and dasher

    The silent vines was a good idea. +1

    Spider is more effective effective than many perceive it to be. If you think it needs a buff I encourage you to put some time into spider maybe it will change your mind. Also the webs block arrows if your looking to really hat trick the class.
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  14. Mohawk2 Regular Member

    I don't think if a class is good people won't use it. Anni has a big enough playerbase where that doesn't happen, and if no one is using it because it has too high of a skill cap, shouldn't it be changed? That's a problem, at least in my eyes.
  15. Ivandagiant Silver

    This inspired me to buy spider. Honestly it doesn't look that bad... I bet with a whirlwind wizard you can get people stuck easily. I do think the vines are pretty useless though considering how slow you climb
  16. Mysterious_Seven Platinum

    Hah. The universe is predictable, change my mind.

    also, isnt CHANGES to the spider class the exact point that you're making? You're really making a terrible impression.

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