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Lifebringer (Story Thread)

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by SxTrackpad, Jul 3, 2017.

Lifebringer (Story Thread)
  1. Northdark Silver

    Hello and welcome to my story.

    A bit about my plans, (or lack thereof): I don't have any real plan for how it's going to pan out but I'm just going to go with the flow. I'll try and add a new chapter every few days at least in the form of comments! Chapters will be extremely short, fair warning. I'd also like to say that this is not representative of a final copy. Everything put here is not edited and is largely stream of consciousness. I will every so often go back and fix things up.

    Synopsis: In a world of magic, faeries, demons and much more lives a re-creation of a young man who must try to reconcile his new undead life with memories of his past. When he meets his still alive friends and love, he must rethink everything he has relearned since his second coming.

    Commenting: Say what you like, constructive, non constructive, up to you.

  2. Northdark Silver

    Chapter 1:

    “Rise! I command thee, rise! Ashes to life, death to undeath, what once was will be again!”

    The chants rang out to my... ears? I felt my heart burn with the heat of hellfire, felt my soul being ripped from the universe and placed into my body anew, a pain so complete, so wholesome that it felt good. A snap of electricity and my sight, too, returned. One of my eyelids slowly creeped open, revealing to me a world which I had not seen in far too long. A shadow wrapped in mist stood next to me, wearing a smiling mask and a long, flowing cloak that blew in the wind like waves. The figure took my face in his grimy hands, a long fingernail streaking down my cheek.

    “My child,” came a voice, disjointed as though not from the man before me. “Happy birthday.”

    In the years to come I became more than adjusted to the Necropolis. The capital of Kaspin was a dark and foreboding place, but to those of my, how should I put it? Persuasion? It was home. I often saw movements out of the corners of my eyes that would make a living human cower, however it was commonplace here and truthfully nothing of note. My favourite part about living in the Necropolis though had to be the food. I had travelled before to smaller cities and towns on the continent, seeing the sights and tasting the wines, however cooking for an undead tongue wasn’t so easy. The sweetest dishes required veritable mountains of spices, which were difficult enough to obtain. If it weren’t for the spice, we wouldn’t taste anything.

    I sat at the bar in a, quite literally, hole in the wall restaurant in the capital. The bartender went by the name Hasan. He was young, and not unattractive either, often drawing in a large crowd of women, who would sit at the bar as I did now, dressed in their most put-together clothes, tipping large amounts just to try and get his attention. Thinking about it, I remembered my own clothes were starting to get frayed, I’d need some new ones. Often the newly undead would wander to human towns to try and nab clothes, but it was dangerous. Humans tended to have little patience towards undead, and would often kill the unfortunate souls on sight. Of course we would manufacture clothing for ourselves if we could, but unfortunately there was no undead in all of Kaspin with nimble enough fingers to sew clothing. The girls that came to this bar often wore clothes that wouldn’t look out of place on a human noble. Hasan though, to my knowledge, had never left the bar with one of these girls. This was probably because he was too busy making eyes at my friend Leo, who currently sat next to me. Leo was ignoring him at the moment, but I knew that they had a history together. Leo was telling me something about the war effort on the eastern border. He had just returned from the front lines there and was currently missing an arm, much to Hasan’s dismay. Leo, however, had said that he would just go see the Lifebringer later.

    The Lifebringer, as he was called and revered here, was more than capable of renewing bodyparts, but he was extremely busy and so it would often take months to get an appointment. Leo saying that he would “just go see him later” bordered on outrageous. Here, the Lifebringer’s word was law, if it weren’t for him we would not have had a chance to live again. Outside of Kaspin, however, our “Lifebringer” was often despised by the less diplomatic name, “Necromancer.” A necromancer he was, however we could never hate him, for he was our father, and we were his children.

    “Tsabro, are you listening?” I heard Leo say.
    “Sorry, I zoned out.” I replied.
    “You have to pay attention. I’m telling you you do not want front line duty. We’re immortal not invincible, don’t get the two mistaken.”
    “Yeah... yeah you’re right. I’ll see if I can get transferred to a position in the rear later.”
    I had just received my draft notice this morning;

    Draft Notice:
    Front line duty, Eastern Boarder, Niflheim
    Report to the barracks by sunrise tomorrow.

    “You’re not listening! Later isn’t good enough! You should march down there now and demand a transfer.”
    “Your brain is filled with horseshit, that’s why I’m not listening.” I snapped, quickly taking a drink. I was annoyed. How could I not be? After all I was about to be taken from my life of luxury into a war zone. Who would be happy? Thinking that I may as well enjoy my last night, I scanned the room briefly, seeing a pretty girl who had died at a good age.

    “I’ll see you around.” I said to Leo, though we both knew that the chances of us meeting for a long time were slim at best. With those final words I walked over to the pretty young thing without looking back.

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