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LFF - PostalCode

Discussion in 'Looking For Faction' started by PostalCode, Dec 28, 2014.

LFF - PostalCode
  1. KingPuta Regular Member

    Hi my name is PostalCode or Brett. I have never played HCF although have wanted to play for a long time. I have played other HCF servers such as Kohi and HCTeams. On both servers i have been fairly successful and i am looking to come to HCF to enjoy minecraft more than i am atm. Below will include some ign info about me.

    IGN: PostalCode
    AGE: 17
    PVP: 6-7/10 (Idk how to rate myself on this).
    Role Within The Faction: PvP/Builder
    Previous Maps: None, i have semi played maps before, the first map i played was about a year ago but i do know how to play HCF.
    Timezone: Im Australian, NSW.
    Predicted active time per day: Well i am currently on 6 week holidays from school so i can be very active, i can play from about 4-14 hours per day.

    Thanks for reading this and i hope to hear from some people soon.

    - PostalCode

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