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[LFF] _Mayga_

Discussion in 'Looking For Faction' started by _Mayga_, Aug 5, 2014.

[LFF] _Mayga_
  1. _Mayga_ Regular Member

    Hello, I am Mayga. I am fairly new to this network, but I am pretty situated with the community, reason being that I used to be a very active member of the Overcast Network. Either way, I am going to list a few of the reasons I should be added to a faction.
    • I would consider myself above average in PotPvP. I win about 95% of my fights in Kohi Practice, and about 70% of my fights on Kohi HCF Matches. I've been doing PotPvP for a few months now, only to be followed up by doing SoupPvP for about a year & a half, only to be followed up on that by have been doing SurvivalGames for a year before that. I believe that I would make a great fit in any faction.
    • I am 14 years of age, but I usually get recognized as over 20 because of my maturity level. I am great with handling situations, no-matter the cause.
    • I can build pretty well, i've been an experienced builder on many different servers and most of my builds include hubs, lobbies, or even replicas of real-life architecture.
    • I have a skype, but I prefer not to use any sort of teamspeak type program. PM me if you actually NEED my skype for anything.
    • I click around 10-13 cps while PvPing. I'd believe that is around average.
    • I am more of a quiet guy until you get to know me, then you will know my true personality.
    I hope I get considered for any teams. I really wish to become part of this network because it has always been my dream to become part of HCF.
    Best Regards, Mayga.

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