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Servers Let’s Get Social, Distantly!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by lazertester, Nov 3, 2020.

Servers - Let’s Get Social, Distantly!
  1. lazertester Lead Developer

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    We've rolled out a new social system to all servers, it is available to use now! Some of you might have already started playing with it when you saw me mention it in our previous devblog about our adventures in converting Shotbow to Kubernetes.

    The friends system includes features such as online/offline mode, game change notifications, blocking people, setting your own status, direct messaging from anywhere on Shotbow, offline messaging, conversation history, the ability to invite a friend to join your server, and for your friend to request to join. But to use these features, you need friends.

    Adding Friends

    Adding friends is done with /friends add {name}. This will create a one-way friendship and prompt your target to accept your request to establish a mutual friendship.

    Managing Friends

    Once you have a friend or two, you can access most features of friends via a UI by typing /friends. From here you can direct message, invite friends, join a friend's server, or even terminate a friendship.


    For you power users out there, here's the command list with a brief blurb about each to get you started:

    /friends add {name} - Adds a friend
    /friends remove {name} - Removes a friend
    /friends block {name} - Blocks a player, terminates the friendship if one exists
    /friends unblock {name} - Unblocks a player, which will allow you to become friends
    /friends invite {name} - Invites a friend to your server
    /friends join {name} - Requests to join a friend's server
    /friends list - Prints a chat menu in case you dislike item interfaces
    /friends inbox - Checks your inbox for any new messages
    /friends messages - Pulls up conversation history of your most recent private messages
    /friends set {option} - Sets options


    All options can be set with the /friends set {arguments} command.
    • online {true/false} - Sets your online status. If false you will not get updates about your friends, and neither will they from you. They will still see you if you join the same server.
    • pings {true/false} - Enables/disables “X is playing Y” status pings.
    • status {message} - Sets a status that will appear in your friends' menu or list. Here's an example.

    What would a social system be without a party? Parties allow you to group up on the same server easier, chat across games and servers, have your own private Discord voice channel, and will soon have additional integrations with specific games.

    To create a party, simply type:

    /party create

    This will start a new party and present you with an interface to add players to it. Click their heads to invite them, or there are a few other options:

    /party invite {name} allows you to lay out the red carpet, issuing a handcrafted invitation to the player you wish to have join you. If you are not the party leader, this will present the party leader with a request to invite the player specified.

    /party open will generate a join code you can share with other players. Players who have this join code can pile into your party. Share this in a Discord chat or other means so they can copy and paste and you're on your way to gathering your crew.

    /party join is used to request an invitation to a party you want to join.

    What can my party do?

    /party close closes the party to invite-only, only applies after running /party open.

    /party chat toggles party chat, so you can keep in touch across the network.

    /party goto {name} allows you to go to the server that member of your party is on.

    /party bring allows you to invite your party to join your server.

    /party leave leaves your party.

    /party discord create Creates a private discord voice channel for you and your party!

    /party discord remove Deletes your party's discord channel.

    In When in Rogue, your party comes with you to dungeons and persists between runs. In the upcoming game Miner Problems, your party gets its own lobby with its own custom rules. Other in game integrations will be coming soon!

  2. Jarool Emerald

  3. Oraceon Obsidian

    2013 vibes. Nice.
  4. lazertester Lead Developer


    Except this time I may know a thing or two about what I am doing so this one shouldn't crash and die horribly *knock on wood*
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  5. spiralvenom789 Gold

  6. 42Q Gold

    always love new things, good work SB team :)
  7. Jarool Emerald

    I don't play on too many servers to know if that Discord party thing is a thing other servers have done, because that's a really cool feature. I hope this system stays and works for a very long time.
  8. lazertester Lead Developer

    I don't know either. I was sort of wondering how to get over the hump of "Join my party, now join my discord server I only want you in for 10 minutes" and realized I could probably do a bot that can make temp rooms, then BOOM, it totally worked!
  9. Neoncrow Gold

    Removed someone from a party and it removed them as a friend. Also in the MineZ lobby my Silver rank didn't let me have more than 10 friends. Just a little bug testing.
  10. lazertester Lead Developer

    LOL, you're totally right. My bad on copy pasting the command code. Will be fixed soon.
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  11. Loading_File Obsidian

    What's the plan on getting some fresh faces around here? I wanna see 1000 players on minez by my birthday (Dec 13)
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