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Suggestion Leia nerf.

Discussion in 'Assault' started by demon_peanut, Jul 3, 2015.

Suggestion - Leia nerf.

Does Leia need a nerf?

Yes, currently most OP ranged class 8 vote(s) 66.7%
No, even match against Django/Boba 4 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    Leia is definitely the most powerful range class. Leia has a VERY high damage output (Can deal 3.5 hearts with one shot) and can fire much faster than any other ranged class. Leia will almost always win against Django/Boba simply because she can spam the crap outta them while dealing more damage per shot too.
    Don't get me wrong, the other ranged classes are good when used right, but leia is so easy to use that it's simply not balanced against other classes.

    Leia's blaster definitely needs a damage nerf.

  2. Jarool Emerald

    Leia is quite a powerful class. Leia really just completely reks anyone, not just Boba/Django. Bit of a different story on the opposite side of the coin. Having trouble killing with Boba, especially since he has less ammo and slower shooting speeds. Not very nice. I think Leia needs a slight damage nerf and Boba needs a slight ammo buff or something?
  3. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    Agree 100%, never liked boba as it didn't feel very effective, Django is love though :heart: not too powerful and could maaaaybe do with a slight buff but it's a really fun class even if it's not OP.

    Boba needs damage buff.
    Leia needs damage nerf.
  4. Kazezero Regular Member

    I don't think there should be any nerfs; just buffs. A good buff for both Django and Boba would be more ammo storage for both their guns and surplus ammo slots because if you have good aim with their gun, they will always get more shots in than Solo/Leia (their guns have better control, aim/efficiency, ammo, and damage, but less speed than Django and Boba's); their problem is that their guns just run out of ammo WAY too quickly for their lower damage output, accuracy, and ammo efficiency, so something has to compensate (more ammo), otherwise, they lose the gunfight when the time comes to reload. Also, Django's grenade is pretty useless because everyone would just get out of the grenade's way after seeing/hearing it. A good alternative would be something with the combination of the throwability of the landmine in Shotbow's smash game and the controllable detonation of Solo and Boba's det-pack.
  5. demon_peanut Retired Staff

    I think all guns are just as accurate as eachother, I like the idea of Boba having more ammo to spawn with, but it like the amount Django can fire before he needs to cooldown because it makes it a tough class to use. What'd be really nice is if Django's gun had higher projectile speed, higher accuracy, less projectile drop etc.

    The problem right now is that Leia's gun is better in EVERY way than Django's except that you'll need to restock on ammo once in a while (higher fire rate, more shots before you reload, higher damage)
  6. 323465963 Retired Staff

    I'm 90% sure the projectile drop only appears client side, since the guns use portions of wasted's code, and bullet drop was removed from wasted about a year ago.

    Also, the huge issue with boba, in my opinion, is the burst fire. Since by the time the first of the 3 shots hit the player, due to vanilla mechanics, the player is in this brief period of invincibility from other attacks. So by the time the other 2 shots hit, they usually won't deal any damage (one of the two may occasionally deal damage, and if you move backwards while shooting, 2 should almost always deal damage). Due to this ineffective burst fire, it consumes ammo quite rapidly. I'd opt for the class to have fire rate similar to that of leia's.
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  7. Canadian_moose Gold

    The problem with leia is she can't fly.
    Boba does need a buff but I can beat any Leia with Django feet.

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