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Question - Legatus Rank
  1. TehBossCat Regular Member

    What requirements are there for the rank Legatus?
    Additionally what extra privileges do you get from the rank?
    One last question, to become part of the build team, is the Legatus rank required or is it whenever the staff believe the builder is worthy?

  2. McJeffr Regular Member

    The Legatus rank can be achieved in three ways:

    1. You can make a Build Team or higher quality 500x500 build in the Infiworld that needs to pass the Qubion+'s judgement.
    2. The rank is also granted to respected members of the Creative Community who have an impressive portfolio that they built in the past couple of years. Next to that, these must be people who are active on Qubion (or the Qubion TeamSpeak) and help out the staff team by giving feedback and advice to other players.
    3. Ex-Builders of Qubion are usually granted Legatus as their rank if they contributed to Qubion's projects or Qubion in general. Usually this makes these people fall in requirement 2 as stated above.

    So, the Legatus rank is a rank for those who are respected on the Qubion server and are also capable of building on the same level a the BT or on a higher level. Legatusses also help out the Qubion team from time to time (and in very rare occassions also build together with the Qubion team on projects). Legatus is basically a rank for people who would be welcome to join the Qubion Build Team at any time but for some reason can't or don't want to.

    Legatus inherits the Sentinel rank. This means that they have all the perks that a Sentinel has. They only get 1 extra perk which is access to the /tp command which allows them to teleport to anyone on the server. (Take note that they don't get /tpo, so if a staff member has teleportation disabled they still can't teleport to them). In case you are unsure what the Sentinel rank provides, here is a simple list of the significant perks of a Sentinel:
    - Access to the Infiworld (a flatworld without plots)
    - Access to full VoxelSniper
    - Access to unlimited homes

    To become part of the build team, a Legatus rank is not required. As stated above, the Legatus rank mostly is a rank for those who are on the level of the build team and who are active enough, but for some reason can't or don't want to be part of the build team. To become part of the build team we require everyone to send their portfolio together with a motivation to [email protected] as an open application. The build team is always looking for new builders who are capable of:
    - Working within a team on team projects
    - Has a lot of experience with building
    - Has an impressive portfolio with creative builds or ideas
    - Likes to communicate with other team members
    - Is open for feedback to improve their skills

    On very rare occassions the staff team might decide to bring a builder from the server onto the team, but this is not the usual process of becoming a Qubion builder.

    I hope that this answered your questions regarding the Qubion rank.
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  3. TehBossCat Regular Member

    Thanks for the quick and detailed reply! Very helpful!

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