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No Prefix Last month of Shotbow.

Discussion in 'The Network' started by ripsh0tb0w, Dec 9, 2016.

No Prefix - Last month of Shotbow. | Page 4
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  1. Trainspotting Emerald

    I'm sorry but at this point people are not being negative, they are simply looking and realising the reality. Yes it's sad and negative but it's just ignorant to go on saying it will be alright. People need to comprehend that a downfall is imminent and actually, has already been in effect the last few months.

    You're simply being obtuse if you genuinely think Shotbow "will be great again" if it carries on in the current way. I'm not trying to bash or hate, it's just the truth - get over it.

    Oh and please elaborate on how I somehow insinuated that I am 'always right'. I never implied it and totally admit to not always being right, in fact, I'm often wrong but at least I acknowledge this and learn from mistakes... and move on.
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  2. LegendaryAlex Gold

    I know that its not going well, but dont you think its kind of weird and annoying that people repeat the same things over and over. Its kind of annoying for me cause I love this server, and if people keep repeating it is annoying for me. We should try to fix it even tho its kind of hard right. Were making it only worse if we keep repeating it . :/
  3. Trainspotting Emerald

    As said many a time, it is being repeated because the same issues are consistently present and nothing is happening. If something happens which will make a change for the better, people will stop going on.
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  4. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    Would everyone stop getting triggered over a simple drop in playerbase, Shotbow has at least stabilized, and it isn't just because of the server being drowned out by bigger ones, it's because Minecraft has a lower playerbase in general now. So hopefully Shotbow will grow with a more mature audience, but for now, we have to wait and see.

    So be positive.

    P.S. this doesn't directly adress the players who are being calm throughout this.
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  5. Trainspotting Emerald

    While it's true Minecraft has dropped in playerbase (mainly thanks to Mojang's EULA), if Shotbow had made the right decisions and been more efficient then it would still have a chance of being up there with the mega-networks. I don't really see how a more mature playerbase is going to make Shotbow bigger, maybe I'm misunderstanding.

    At this point being positive is of course a great thing, but it's at a point where I, personally, have been doing so for up to a year and all it's done is given me false hope.
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  6. Braiti Platinum

    I wouldn't say the staff is useless, but they definitely are appearing that way when they're not getting anything done.

    I'm just saying that if 1.9 doesn't come out this year, Shotbow has pretty much lost all of its integrity. I'm having a really hard time taking the staff seriously when there's been not even any information on 1.9 other than "its almost done". The 1.9 release is nothing more but a joke at this point until they actually release it.
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  7. Micatchu Platinum

    Wow! So I've completely missed this discussion. I think that waiting for 1.9 really plays a part, at least for me it does. From what I've understand 1.9 can only go live when all game modes are ready, that's kind of pity, because I do believe MTA is ready to move over.

    Further since i've been banned (now unbanned) I sort of had a MTA dip, have to get in to the mood again... I'm most likely not the only unbanned person going through such a "phase". And hey, it's christmas and at least for me that means less time because of al kind of duties. I hope in January 1.9 will go live and that 2017 will start of in the same great spirit as begin 2016.

    And don't let me start about the mojang EULA, A threat to most minecraft game mode networks :( . You have to laugh about it. Eventually this will burden Mojang too, because fading numbers of networks = fading Minecraft. bah! I really wish that Shotbow could come up with some smart way of not obeying the EULA so much.
  8. FreeCookson Platinum

    Theres a bunch of HCF servers that flat out ignore the EULA and do fine.
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  9. Rixhack Emerald

    We don't seem to hear much from the staff... Oh well, this shouldn't bother me much because I don't play any more, but it's still sad to see it happen. I've donated alot of money to this network and it's sad to see that go to waste.
  10. niniSpielt Platinum

    Yeah you're right. I miss the good old MineZ times...
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  11. the_waltster Regular Member


    Dude all I can say is thanks for all your donations and purchases. I can tell you that from my experience, playing since 2013, I've had a lot of fun and your money hasn't gone entirely to waste.

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  12. Kuubic2 Regular Member

    You know this server is realy going to Hell. Two years ago one powerful and skillful player said to us: "Guys, this server starts to dying right now and if we will not do anything this process will not ever stop." We do not listened to him, but he was right. And in this year all of us started to find the main reason of this problem. And after one year of researching we found it. It will be really sad to say but all this process started because of shotbow administration. 80% of it do not ever know what to do and also do not do the job and all. But they continue to protect them self in forum give useless promises. We can also name this guy. For example the greatest Evil in this server is Murgatron. This guy banned tons of great admins and promoted most useless players in all shotbow history.
    So if you want to save this server you must start to deal with guys like him. With mini-admins, with admins and mostly with minigames leaders and main staff, because they are cancer tumor on body of this great server.
    So please administration if you can not do your job, so let us do it. Just leave this place forever in the names of all Gods. You are destroying this place!
    And guys who still care about future of this server, today in teamspeak of shotbow in smash room I will give review of our researching and tell you the history of shotbow falling. This event will be at 15:00 by Germany time.
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  13. matjellison Regular Member


    Well, I've been having this discussion since 2014 so you're slightly late on that one.

    It's probably a bad time to appear all over again, especially with my reputation to some staff members already. Now, if you deny the fact that Shotbow is indeed dying, you're only playing yourself. Why would you believe that this server is still healthy? If you prefer me to use a different term, the state of Shotbow is quite unhealthy. I'll provide reasons that have been brought up over and over again.

    Lack of Updates and Bug Fixes
    The past year, to what I've seen, has been a tough one for this network. Very little releases and overall, just a slow year completely. Now, one slow year is a lot of time wasted. When players are no longer seeing fixes to what they may have reported time to time, they end up leaving. Sick of it. Done. I'm fairly certain that this network is also having trouble finding developers who are willing to volunteer, and yes, I understand that and hopefully the community does too.

    This community is falling apart in terms of numbers. Whoever is in charge of directing the developers or whatever, you/youse need to really start getting developers from the community. It's hard to trust them with the code, etc, but at this rate, there's really no other options. I know from personal experience this server has had a tough stance on having new developers but just like how applications opened for staff, there needs to be leniency taken on with developers as well. They are literally the backbone of this server and if there's none left, everything collapses.

    I'm no angel by any regards and I don't have all the solutions, just like how everyone else doesn't have all the solutions but the benefits of having a developer from this community that has had experience with the game modes will most likely know which aspects need to be fixed up first and they can prioritise from there. Of course, downsides are just risks with the code and maybe some other risks I can not think of right now, but overall, you need a new developer team from the network themselves. Maybe bring in some new developers as well that may not have as much experience to learn off the more experienced ones. It's a learning curve but if they're willing to learn it, coding can be applicable to many more real-life circumstances so it's not a loss by any means.

    Nearly No Communication From Staff
    Besides Navarr. Right now, I think I have to give Navarr the credit he deserves. Without him, this server would be nearly non-existent. I'm pretty sure he's here to lead with public relations but either way, Shotbow still has the mentality when it was 2013, which was being too secretive. I strongly believe that this was the undoing of Shotbow - not because of a lack of bug fixes or game modes. Navarr is pretty much the only one that I see around answering threads similar to these in regards to how the server is doing, etc. I know it's probably hard for you to keep doing what you're doing, but you need to really get some other staff members to help you out. Your work has not been unnoticed and I'm sure everyone at Shotbow appreciates it.

    Back to the point - most staff members do not talk for some reason. Yes, I understand that there is a new level of responsibility that is taken up when you get the role of being a staff member but it really pains me to see personalities change once they get promoted. I have literally no care in the world for naming players but I know Bracko64 definitely changed when he got staff. He was helpful before and helpful after but they had to act too professional and I think that's a huge problem. Shotbow is not a business targeted towards adult consumers. It was always targeted towards kids, hence the friendly behaviour enforced. This is somewhat steering off but it reflects the attitude that is expected once you get that title.

    The professionalism manner is a bit too much sometimes. I know you should act mature but the lack of fun or sarcasm is too little. This could've led to a stance on secrecy, which isn't what we need right now. It's time for most staff members to toughen up and speak out what they truly feel about the network. Acknowledge the problems and the negative impacts of the things they have done wrong. As a long time player of this network, I don't want anything to be coated with responses that say, "oh but this is what we have been doing and what we're planning on doing because it's right." Honestly, I can't care less about what you're doing right. Keep thinking about what you're doing right and then you'll end up ignoring what is wrong and ignoring problems doesn't make it go away; it exacerbates it.

    It might not be the best solution but being open with the whole community and seeing some staff finally speak out in regards to the network will make a lot of people happy, and I know it will definitely make me happy. Just stop hiding under a shell that believes Shotbow is going in the right direction because overall, it's not. Also to add on, I don't want staff collaboration about saying certain things. Even better, a live Q&A thread on the forums would be excellent, without pre-written responses.

    Not Being Open To Feedback Enough
    I know there's feedback threads. I don't think they're working, or they're being forgotten about straight away. If feedback was taken that seriously, the community would not be in such a bad mood as it is. If it is being taken seriously, there's no disclosure about it, which relates back to the secrecy stuff I explained earlier on. I've been quite unhappy with how Shotbow turned out to be, even though I acted like I didn't want to be part of it. Now, this is probably frowned upon but I'm going to use my very old thread as a reference.

    For the really older players that lingered around the forums years ago, I made a thread. I made a thread that was my view on the dead minigames and what needed to happen. This was 2014. It is not applicable now but the lesson can still be taken away from it. For those that don't know what went down, I ended up gathering over 150 people supporting it on the forums itself. It was a long post, just like this and it was addressing a problem within Shotbow. The lazertester himself then said it was only a 'rant' and there were no real suggestions. I implemented a section for suggestions. It was locked down and forgotten about. Basically, 150 people now is around 20% of the average population count. Back then, it was a mere amount of players but definitely a lot of the active ones were involved.

    The biggest problem was that there were suggestions but it seems like nobody took it seriously enough. The community was behind that thread because it was true. When you ignore the community like that and proceed to do things the way youse like it, you will end up with a disaster. Most people left out of boredom or having real life to deal with. Players would never come back only because there were 20 game modes but only 3 to actually choose from due to dead game modes everywhere. I provided some insight for the staff members and the community also suggested different things to possibly try out. Nothing happened. It was just slow bug fixes and the server went downhill from there.

    Shotbow Staff, if you are dead serious about this server still being alive and wanting it to grow slowly again, you will definitely need to take the community's thought more than a pinch of salt. I commend those who are still on this server and want it to stay alive. That's dedication to a new level instead of following the rest of the players who had enough. If our suggestions are not detailed enough, take it in and expand it yourself or ask the community. Have a set of ideas given out to the community and let us expand on it ourselves and pick the popular ones. Our voice was rarely heard back then and the only voices heard was from Annihilation. This network is falling apart. What we say is based off experience in the network. Our point of views will be different but those who play it and those who run it have completely different views.

    That's all I have for now. I'm sorry for the long read but constructive criticism is always taken appreciatively. I'm hoping for some sort of closure on a couple of topics I have mentioned. Thanks for reading Shotbow.
  14. Creeperker Obsidian

    Can't Agree too much more! This man is saying true. Very True!

    Players spend money and time for Shotbow a lot, but the Owner wouldn't look them. Please look careful! Or Are we your wallet? :(
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  15. xXx_Dhuvy_xXx Emerald

    Same, but what's gone is gone.
  16. vampire_toothy Obsidian

    You know, your post here isn't really helpful at all here and you really seem to think that you know a lot about staff members within the team for never being in the team yourself. First of all, all admins are trained to ensure that they know exactly what they are and are not able to do, where do you suddenly get this "80%" from? Admins administrate and you should never know they are there under any normal circumstances and admins are not responsible for the server not being in as great condition as what would've been wanted as they do not develop, you can't blame someone for something they are not able to do as that just doesn't work. If you really want to know why they protect themselves on the forums, it's because of a useless post such as the one you've made, it's because posts like this don't allow a person to look at it and say "Hey, this is a nice way of looking at the current issue and what we can do to fix it", instead you ramble on again on the same things that have been said before and again without any solution at all, not every post has to give a solution to a problem, although it would be nice to see a post that isn't repeating the same thing over and over again while also senselessly picking off on other staff members that are not even at fault.

    Second of all, you're completely wrong about Murg. Murgatron along with many of the other greater remaining staff members (Adam, ImbC, jesse, superbob, mosh, pinefrost64, 66tee and a bunch of others) are the reason why this server still runs instead of just falling to the ground at this very moment. Have you ever thought of the ban appeals section? Murg was the only one who took lead of it and if he didn't, we would end up having no ban appeals being done at all, and no BAC's either. I bet you couldn't even tell me one thing about this particular admin that makes him so evil, and I also bet that you cannot call out another admin that is evil that I cannot make a claim against and make entire paragraphs much larger than this post to show all of the efforts each staff member has made as I've known the majority of the members on the team after being on it for a year and a half up until I had retired 10 days ago. Also take in mind that by telling the admins that they should leave if they cannot deal with your job, you're basically telling them to just abandon the server they love for something you don't even specify, the majority of the staff members do their job and wouldn't be on the team if they didn't, and there is no possible way that an admin could ever possibly destroy the server as they do not develop, instead of rambling on about admins destroying the server, tell them what they are doing wrong and how they can fix it instead, even if you aren't correct in that case, it's much more motivating than seeing a post that just bashes them without any improvements being suggested at all. Other than that, these "useless promises" are not specified at all either, you state that the admins make useless promises, but which one of these were actually promises? The only one that has been made was the fact that 1.9/1.10/1.11 is being worked on, but no promise has been made to tell you when that will actually be because if the admins or developers were to actually give you that day and not make it, could you imagine how much worse the situation would be? It's better to hint towards a proper release of an update than it is to make a day you're not even sure you can make.

    To end this off, I'm just going to slightly directly quote you here
    "And guys who still care about future of the server", please make a post that people can see both the issue and the solution so that posts aren't just senselessly bashing other staff members or players without reason at all, because when I look at the post you've made here, I see a post that only follows the "Shotbow is dying" bandwagon but instead doesn't even properly address an issue at all, it just bashes other people instead, most of the time they bash people who are not even responsible for the problems. So please, and I will only ask this once of you, please take a look at everything you've just said and try to work on it so that you can both address a problem and offer some solutions that are actually viable instead of referring admins as a horrible disease/condition that kills people and then offering one of the dumbest possible options out there if you truly care about this network at all.
  17. HungerHealer Regular Member

    Thanks for writiny this down this is 100% true especially the 3th point you bring up in my opinion.

    I've felt ignored by the staff cause I barely get any response, There are exceptions i've made a clan thread that was named "farewell" (Players who left the server/inactive members could join the clan) and somehow it got accepted. However it got taken down in a short amount of time by an Admin and he explained himself and elaborted himself. Which was a thing im not used to. If every staff member was like that shotbow wouldnt have fallen down so harsh as it did now.

    I myself could play on without any updates for a while however the gameplay gets obviously stale and requires an update in the near future.

    The worst mistake they made was to release 1.9 before the class balance update. It would be better to rushed out (anni 3.0) and let the map rotation continu i've made a map myself I however dont have the motivation to make a schematic, video and renders and a map thread due the maps Tirreg and Thaw not be released to this day.

    Ive heard that the map rotation couldnt continue. "Due the infrastructure" , which in my opnion is quite strange because it always worked and without any updates it suddenly didnt. I dont know if its possible to release the maps erc now and 1.o later.

    Because if you wait to long with 1.9... The server will be dead for sure.

    - note this are my opnions and im not blaming the staff members directly im only questioning some of there/Highlifes decisions.



    Edit: This leads to a player decline, its like a snowball effect the longer you wait the larger the snowball gets
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  18. FreeCookson Platinum

    I think the root of the problem is that lazertester built up a very complex custom way of developing on shotbow and then out of nowhere he went inactive. He also has developed other games and then gone inactive so the games end up with a bunch of bugs which stay there for too long and frustrate the community. This is the reason why minez 2 died. Lazer was the only real dev and his wife had a baby which forced him to leave for some time. Right when development rebounds 1.9 comes out and sets everything back again, then 1.10 came as they were adapting to 1.9. Now Lazer seems to have straight up disappeared. This means that the amount of staff working on actual 1.9 optimization is small and incredibly vital to the server because they are of a minority that understands how to develop specifically for shotbow. Also the dev servers are instanced so if you roll something out you also have to roll out everything else on the dev server. This means that shotbow physically cannot fix bugs in their existing gamemodes without rolling out all the 1.9 changes which are incomplete.

    TL:DR Shotbow is currently incapable of fixing the server. Have fun waiting.
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  19. Rixhack Emerald

    Shotbow should have this:

    Player: "Game breaking bug!"
    Shotbow: "OK, it'll be fixed by next week!"


    Player: "Game breaking bug!"
    Shotbow: "Wait till 1.9"
  20. DutchBartje Emerald

    Why would Shotbow spend more time on fixing 1.7/1.8 bugs, if they can taste the new update? Shotbow doesn't have a lot of developers, but the ones that are developer are definitely working on the new update. I think people forget every staff member is a volunteer, they are freely offering their skills to improve Shotbow.

    If the developers can cover every known bug there is now in the new update, why would they fix the bugs now? Is it for the few weeks of joy we have left before the new update is released?
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