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Last Man Standing Last Man Standing (LMS) Back To Shotbow?

Discussion in 'Arrow Arcade' started by Dadda110, Feb 26, 2016.

Last Man Standing - Last Man Standing (LMS) Back To Shotbow?

Last Man Standing should come back to Shotbow?

Yes. 98 vote(s) 87.5%
No. 14 vote(s) 12.5%
  1. Marius553 Emerald

    Last Man Standing was my favorite game on shotbow, it was like MineZ Survival Games.
    Many people die by hackers these days in Eillom/Hasa, i dont think im the only one who wants LMS back. :)
    I hope you guys can leave a lot of comments and suport me on this case.

    Have a nice day!

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  2. Orteks12 Gold

    Let it return!
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  3. InstantLightning Jr. Developer, Web Mod Lead

    While I loved LMS with all my heart, we tried to have it return a while ago, but it died within the first few days. What would make it different this time?
  4. Jarool Emerald

    The last time it was brought back, people hated it because it was changed from the original product. It lagged when it started and would cause a huge disadvantage. You regen'd your hearts (which people hated because you couldn't in the original product). I don't remember how much more people didn't like about it, maybe I just said them all.

    I'm unsure why the original LMS went down, but I do know why the second iteration of LMS went down. Maybe it was for the same reason, maybe it just became too unstable to work on. But, as they always say, 'Third time's the charm'. 'Doesn't hurt to try'.
  5. Cahillguy Regular Member

    To add to what Chaospillager said, the maps used were far different from the original ones. One of the was very unfair; players started out in a circle, except there's only one exit from the spawn - this meant that those nearer the exit had a bigger advantage, as they could loot earlier by exiting the spawn earlier. Also, in order to get iron swords, you had to kill zombies instead of looting chests, which isn't exactly a bad thing - however, when you do kill an iron sword-wielding zombie, you get it enchanted with Sharpness I and full durability. Instead of having to secure many chests to get a proper powerful weapon, you could just find one of the zombies above and take one from it.

    Basically, they should just bring back the original version of LMS with the original maps, and then work from there i.e. tweak the game based on player feedback.
  6. MTrout Platinum

    One of my greatest shotbow regrets was not knowing how to pvp when the first LMS was around. ;-;
    I'd really love to see it come back!
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  7. UltraMegaMarine Regular Member

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  8. Jackdm Gold

    Who voted no....
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  9. SacredMopheadz Platinum

    This is the only way it would work but I doubt they have the code ready to update nor the maps stored anywhere seeing it was discontinued 3 years ago
  10. Aexon Regular Member

    Things always come in threes:)
    Jk, I voted yes.
  11. Marius553 Emerald

    Miss this game ):
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  12. Captain_End Platinum

    We've got 47 forum users who say they'll play it (based on the poll) and that's just the forum users, what about the people not using the forums (which appears to be the majority at the moment) that want LMS back?
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  13. Marius553 Emerald

    That's so true, please open it again and see how many people who will play it, cuz last time when it was out for a test i didn't know. Please do a Broadcast and post in forum. Then people will see ("Pretty sure i wasn't the only one who didnt know it was out for a test")
  14. _RubberChicken_ Platinum

    I would Love lms to come back but the original one :) I played it all the time!
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  15. Captain_End Platinum

    I do want to see LMS come back (the original way it was, of course, which I sadly never experienced) but I think it'd be best to bring it back after 1.9 comes to Shotbow. Don't get me wrong, 1.9 sucks, but the developers have been working very hard to get there for a while now. Might as well just get that huge mess out of the way before bringing back LMS.
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  16. ACrispyTortilla Councilor

    Bumped, bring it back
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  17. Ionracas Regular Member

    It would be so awesome if Last Man Standing came back. It was just straight forward, outlasting pvp. Very few strings attached. Thank you for starting this forum.
  18. Brent_Saved Platinum

    If LMS came back, I would quit my job to play it for hours upon hours daily.
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  19. notswipe Retired Staff

    Last Man Standing was great, I'd love if it came back.
  20. notswipe Retired Staff

    major bump
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