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Video Koupun cop farm and /hubing repeat

Discussion in 'Mine Theft Auto' started by MESLEG, Feb 23, 2019.

Video - Koupun cop farm and /hubing repeat
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  1. MESLEG Gold


  2. MESLEG Gold

    this is how he has a 100 arrests btw
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  3. Runkelpokk Gold

    Well idk if this is proof enought but in my oppinion alt farming should not be bannable .
    Cause if you want to get some arrest you go out and kill random guys and many people who get jailed quit and never come back :/
    If alt farming would be allowed high lv players could do there stuff without harming noobs also the staff team would have less problems to prevent players from abusing during european night time (most of the mta staff members are from eu).

    Also about the lobby bug if a experienced player wants to abuse this bug he will find a way to do so if staff members would summen a immortal and immoveable cop in the lobby with the name "Shoot me to gain xp" we could have less problems with advantages some players gain by using the lobby bug and might get some new high lv players or get some players back which quit cause leveling take too long (we have tons of players between lv 30 and 60 which might player if they would have better guns/ a fair chanchse to play)

    My suggestions here might help to get a higher playercount without a new update. (which is still needed)

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  4. MCDuckler Platinum

    and we need the damn gameplay system fixed. But that won't happen anyways... Continental should've executed plan chernobyl
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  5. noobfan Mine Theft Auto Lead, Localization Lead

    If you wish to submit a report please direct yourself here!
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