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KOTH Build Submission

Discussion in 'HCF Build Submissions' started by MrCHILLBANGA, Mar 19, 2014.

KOTH Build Submission
  1. MrCHILLBANGA Emerald

    A Temple-style KOTH built by xXkarnageXx44 , _BennySac and myself (MrCHILLBANGA).
    Hope you guys like it and hope to see it added. Constructive criticism is welcome :)
    The KOTH in action:

    World Download:
    Coordinates are: X: 300 Z:-700
    Sorry about having to find it but im unsure of where the spawn is set as this was a project on my server, not singleplayer.

  2. Suiken Regular Member

    Very nice temple but you could add detail on the outside and the inside btw i am not a builder i just thought it would look better
  3. MeMyselfAndCube Emerald

    Rather bland but good build. Just needs some more detail.

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