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Suggestion Kit Suggestions

Discussion in 'Warband' started by Veghetto, Nov 8, 2020.

Suggestion - Kit Suggestions
  1. JerryRowe Retired Staff

    Feel free to add any of your own suggestions in the comments below, these are just some fun ones that I've thought up. Generally what I think of when making kits stems from 3 general groups; Offensive, Defensive/Support, and Disruptive types. The third being sort of a wildcard, which really mixes up how people play and can lead to some strategies being formed around them. I like to mix and match these 3 groups to give each class a really unique feel as you can see below. Anyways, here's what I've got.
    For Reference, here's the format of classes I used
    Name - Description [Class Icon: X]
    Active Ability- Name - Desc
    Cooldown: Xs
    Passive Ability- X

    Observer - Description The watchful eye of the observer is able to collect intel on the battlefield within an instant, assisting allies. [Class Icon: Observer]
    Active Ability- Angelic Eye - Marks any nearby (25 blocks) enemy tribe leaders with glowing for 15s, during this time they are slowed down and receive more damage.
    Cooldown: 60s
    Passive Ability- When being directly looked at from a distance of over 50 blocks, the player's screen is tinted red. (See [Here] for what that looks like). The class of the player who is looking at them is told to the observer via the actionbar (above the hotbar area)

    Blight - Peace is a disease, I am the cure. [Class Icon: Jungle Leaves]
    Active Ability- Spiked Spores - Enchants armor with thorns III temporarily (5s), when an attacking player triggers the thorn effect, they are given immense hunger for 10s and poison (I for 7s). (When activated, green particles similar to that of using a totem of undying appear around The Blight to alert enemies
    Cooldown: 45s
    Passive Ability- Any arrows that are crafted have a 33% chance to become Poison Tipped Arrows. Start with a Power 1 Bow.

    Angel - A heavenly healer from high above. [Class Icon: Nether Star]
    Active Ability- Divine Remedy - Heals nearby allies for 8 hearts over the course of 5s. Players who are moving do not receive the healing, and if the Angel moves or is damaged, the process stops. Forms a white circle with a 2 block diameter to indicate where healing takes place.
    Cooldown: 30s
    Passive Ability- Upon receiving any form of damage, gain regeneration II for 3s. Has a cooldown of 10s (once damaged, the cooldown begins)

    Lieutenant -A loudmouth commander who is capable of keeping their tribe members in check at all times. [Class Icon: Iron Bars]
    Active Ability- Fortify - Gives all nearby allies Resistance I, if the lieutenant using the ability is the leader, they gain Resistance II. (Lasts for 20s)
    Cooldown: 80s
    Passive Ability- Mutiny's require an extra kill while this player is the leader. If they are a member, they require 1 less kill (equal to the leader's kill count). If there is a lieutenant as the leader and a member, the normal interaction between leaders/members occurs.

    Shinobi - Eliminates enemies from the shadows. Stealth incarnate [Class Icon: Prismarine Crystal]
    Active Ability- Shuriken Bag- Gives the player 12 shuriken, which can be thrown (much like annihilation's Ninja class). They deal a half heart of damage per hit. They have a cooldown of .5s for being thrown so you cannot spam them either.
    Cooldown: 100s
    Passive Ability- Take no fall damage, invisible when crouching. Can craft smoke bombs using 5 Gunpowder and any dye which can be thrown just like the shurikens. If they hit a player directly they are blinded for 2s and slowed for 3s.

    Lone Wolf - Who needs a tribe when you're this strong? [Class Icon: Wolf Spawn Egg]
    Active Ability- Loners Strength - Based on how many allies are nearby, receive buffs: 3 allies- Saturation for 10s, 2 allies- speed II for 10s, 1 ally- resistance for 15s, 0 allies- strength II for 5s.
    Cooldown: 60s
    Passive Ability- Spawn with a wolf egg and 10 bones. Able to craft wolf spawn eggs like this

    Personally, I like the Observer and Shinobi, and I hope any added classes bring some cool dynamics into the game :wink:
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  2. JerryRowe Retired Staff

    2 more kit ideas from the discord chat:
    Name - Sky Warrior [Class Icon: Snowball]
    Active Ability- Icey Demise - Slowly gain 6 Snowballs over the next 60s which have tracking abilities (Like Smash's Homing Snowball of Doom). Snowballs that hit freeze the opponent in place (Like Smash's ice item) until they punch (breaks the ice).
    Cooldown: 60s
    Passive Ability- Begin the game with an iron shovel, 32 snowballs, and a water bucket. Gain jump boost and resistance when above y=100.
    Name - Odinson [Class Icon: Gold Axe]
    Active Ability- Almighty Smite (Golden Axe w/ Sharp II and is unbreakable) - Smite foes within 30 blocks (like thor class in Anni) dealing 2 hearts of true damage. Deal an increased 1.5 hearts to any enemies above y=100.
    Cooldown: 45s
    Passive Ability- Smiting yourself (or being smitten) gives you strength II for 10s, and regen I for 5s. Receive Haste 1 for 2s upon mining any form of log or plank.
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  3. pigplayer Councilor

    Shrauger 11/08/2020
    "my class idea: the shrugger
    The Shrugger has a vacuum which will quickly pick up dirt, sand, gravel and turn snow into snowballs by right clicking. When the vacuum is full you can empty it out for these items.
    Don’t ask me the origin story."
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