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Suggestion Kit Suggestions/Balancing

Discussion in 'Warband' started by GunOverdose, Jan 5, 2021.

Suggestion - Kit Suggestions/Balancing

Do you agree with the Kit Balancing?

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  1. GunOverdose PR Co-Lead

    So after playing warband for a while there's a few changes I would make to the kits/kit suggestions I have.
    Kit Suggestions:

    Medic -
    Active Abilities: Has an enchanted piece of paper "Bandage" that has two functions. Right click gives you and your teammates health boost 1 or absorption 1 for 20 seconds while left click gives you and your teammates regen 2 for 10 seconds. Cooldown 1 minute.
    Passive: N/A
    Reasoning: Many classes in warband focus on solo playstyles, this would be a class focused on teamwork and rewarding you for it. While you could 100% use this solo, it would be able to benefit others around you.

    Botanist -
    Active Abilities: A enchanted cactus that when used gives the Botanist a thorns effect which has a 50% chance of giving the attacker thorns. Lasts for 15 seconds and has a cooldown of 45 seconds.
    Passive: While breaking grass/flowers, it has a chance of dropping golden carrots. While breaking leaves, it has a chance of dropping golden apples.
    Reasoning: This class benefits from scavenging and allows players late and early game to have a easy food supply and buffs. While the golden apple ability might seem broken, it is important to note golden apples currently have cooldowns.

    Miner -
    Active Abilities: Has an Iron Pick with fortune 2 along with haste 2 during the gear up period.
    Passive: Upon getting kills, no matter if the player is eliminated or respawns, the miner is rewarded with, gold, iron or diamonds.
    Reasoning: Diamonds are extremely powerful tool, however at times they can feel very RNG to whether or not you acquire them. With scribe being the only class that could get fortune, it prevents one class from being the only one to get sufficient diamonds.

    Kit Balancing:

    Scribe -
    Changes: Remove the health boost effect completely and make it part of another class.
    Reasoning: Scribe is currently a very strong powerhouse. You have the enchantments plus a health boost that comes in very often to help out. Overall there is no downsides to this class and is arguably the strongest class in the game because of it.

    Flame -
    Changes: Permanent fire resistance
    Reasoning: Lava and fire aspect are extremely meta right now with arguably only a minor counter. If flame uses their ability they can avoid this death, but it's extremely situational. I argue just have a class that is completely immune to it or has permanent fire protection.

    Mage -
    Changes: Stronger effects or wider radius of effect
    Reasoning: This could be a complete lack of understanding of the class, but when I used it, it seemed very underwhelming. The Fireball was cool but it can be knocked back and the push seemed inconsistent to me.

    Basic -
    Changes: Give 16 bread or steak
    Reasoning: This class could use some love especially since if you get stuck with it, you have no advantage at all. Food would help in some regard.

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