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No Prefix Kit nerf/buff ideas

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by SmallSpoon, Mar 4, 2022.

No Prefix - Kit nerf/buff ideas
  1. SmallSpoon Marketing Team

    Just a simple post of ideas about nerfs or buffs for certain kits

    Acrobat - reduce double jump cooldown slightly
    Hunter - bring back wolves, every 4 kills = 1 wolf max of 4 wolves
    Spy- backstab do X% more damage when attacking a player from behind
    Wizard - missile and flame damage up - fix flame half the time it doesn't ignite players
    Ninja - increase AOE effect or increase damage from shuriken's
    Warrior - remove frenzy damage and increase ability time
    Vamp- increase health drain from half heart to 1 full heart. give it a small chance to drain during the day
    Spider - ability to walk through webs

    Bard - reduce AOE effect OR limit amount of players that bard reaches (max 5)
    Spider- cooldown between throwing webs (3-5 secs)
    Tinker - cost xp levels to remove enchant example sharp 1 = 1 levels / sharp 4 = 4 levels
    Rift walker - change from 3 allies to 2 allies that can be rifted
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  2. Cupu Platinum

    I feel like wolves would just be free kills lol, then again, I haven't actually fought a wolf in Minecraft in years

    I'd also add for Buffs:
    Scorpio- Fall Damage enabled to certain height
    Robinhood- Change 2 & 3 bow power ups and give it an archer book

    For Nerfs:
    Transporter- Add a combat cooldown to placing a tp/removing tp
  3. Rocket543210 Silver

    These ideas are great.

    I would say to probably nerf dasher cooldown to be 50% longer though. (15-30s based on distance from 10-20s)
    Also I don't think it's possible to change movement through cobwebs.
  4. Sens Platinum

    A good bard nerf could be a MUCH longer cooldown when broken by an enemy (minimum 30s) and maybe make it's particles make a ring horizontally and then vertically, alternating, making it harder to hide it
    Tinkerer also needs a cooldown on the pads, shouldn't be possible to just stand on them forever
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