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No Prefix Kb fix...

Discussion in 'Annihilation' started by SoulKazX, Nov 16, 2020.

No Prefix - Kb fix...
  1. SoulKazX Silver

    Hi all, as many people knows kb is a real problem, people doesn't take kb and basically there's no difference between someone knows to pvp and someone that doesn't, youtube combotages of anni are a shame even with people that are the best doing combos (besides that have been drastically reduced due to this kb). This is triggering in a way even more difficult to defend nexus because you cant push away to rushers.

    Admins said that we would have play tests, but i dont see nothing related to it, there was only 1 and that's all (2 weeks ago I think or 3).

    I only wanna know if there's a problem with the kb fix or if they've stopped of working on it because we don't have any communication about this theme, which in my opinion nowadays is the main problem of anni.

    Ty for reading.

  2. JTGangsterLP6 Annihilation Co-Lead

    Hey Soul,

    unfortunately, we had an issue which prevented us from working on KB mechanics for some time. However, that issue has been resolved recently, which means that tweaking KB values based on the feedback from the first public test game has been resumed.
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  3. SoulKazX Silver


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