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July: Gun Game News and Feedback

Discussion in 'Gun Game' started by Robertthegoat, Jul 1, 2016.

July: Gun Game News and Feedback

What kinds of terrain features do you find preferable in a Gun Game map?

Poll closed Jul 8, 2016.
Wide open spaces 9 vote(s) 52.9%
Close quarters 6 vote(s) 35.3%
Lots of places to hide 12 vote(s) 70.6%
Fewer places to hide 7 vote(s) 41.2%
More vertical obstacles and elevation 8 vote(s) 47.1%
Level maps with few high points 9 vote(s) 52.9%
Lava/Water traps 7 vote(s) 41.2%
Climbing obstacles 7 vote(s) 41.2%
Little to no player interaction with the map 3 vote(s) 17.6%
Spawns with well protected exits 7 vote(s) 41.2%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Robertthegoat Developer

    Howdy Folks!

    I want to thank everyone who contributed the community feedback thread from the month of May, and who voted on May's monthly poll. See below for information regarding the results of that input.

    News for the Month
    Gun Game for Minecraft 1.9 is in the works. Along with its release, we hope to have map updates ready to roll. This update will most likely contain little in the way of content updates; that we will be including in a subsequent update, including the power up winners from May's monthly poll.

    Now, you might be wondering why June and July's monthly posts are rolled together. The reason: the big focus was the addition of our Gun Game admins to the scene, in which training of new members continued through the month of June.

    I congratulate our three Wasted mini admins who were promoted to full admin before there announcement - vampire_toothy, MineReepers and 323465963.

    From here on out, 323465963 will be serving as the co-lead of Wasted! We all have a lot to look forward to with him on the scene (he is a big proponent of Gun Game/Wasted events).

    And to complete the team, we have three Mini Admins currently assigned to Gun Game. Please offer them a warm welcoming if you haven't yet!

    - SakuraWolf

    After being introduced to Shotbow a short 3 years ago, I found many gamemodes that were more than unique. My favorite? Wasted. I was more than thrilled to have been offered to work alongside people who I used to siege towns with and who I know love Wasted gamemodes and Shotbow just as much as I do. I look forward to working with and for everyone in this wonderful community.

    - _Ahri

    When i was younger, I really enjoyed watching minecraft videos, buildings, redstone and stuff. One day I found a Nickskibike video, he was playing Minez, I said "Oh, this game looks cool" so the first day I bought minecraft, I logged into the Shotbow network and started playing Minez. I could never get out of the leather/chain barrier but it was fun anyway. Some months later a friend of mine invited me to play Wasted with him, i was like "That doesn't look really fun" but I joined anyway. At the first, I didn't understand very well the game, but with the time I started loving it, we played it everyday, i invited friends, we went from one city to another killing everyone and dying to jetpackers, it was fun. With the time they started to leave because the server was losing players, but I didn't stop playing. With the time, control got released, I tried it out and really liked it. It turned into my new favorite game, since this one didn't have that feeling of "Omg if I die, I'll have to start over", Some months later, the control servers started to decrease their number, from 4 to 3, 3 to 2, until there weren't control servers on. Then I went to Gun Game, later to Anni, Minez, Gunz, smash, Anni again and i just kept rotating for some time. When i got invited to be a Wasted mini, of course i said yes, since it was and still is my favorite gamemode.
    I decided to accept the job because I really love the server and the community and I would really like to see Wasted family peak like it used to do (4 full servers of 75 players at a time)

    - BlueToePolca

    Hey there, it's Blue. I've been with the Shotbow Network since 2013 and now, just one month shy of my 3 year anniversary here, I've been asked to join the wonderful Wasted Team. I've taken this invitation with spirit and will now be serving alongside my new team members to bust the baddies lurking about our network. These days you'll find me cracking some eggs around Gun Game; if you happen catch me in-game feel free to say "Hello!" Any questions you might have I'd be more than happy to answer on server or over a forum pm, I'm always open to chat!

    This Month's Highlights
    The addition of Wasted/Gun Game admins is the prominent highlight of the month. No big news at this time on the subject of updates, but we expect that to change before the middle of July, so look for a subsequent thread detailing the next update.

    Updates From the Previous Month (May)
    Gun tweaks on-going.
    Map changes on-going.
    Gun Game update in the works.

    Based on the results from May's poll, Jet Packs and Extended Clips will be coming to the game as power ups in the near future.

    Final Notes
    A thank you to everyone who is willing to voice opinions!

    Have an awesome month!
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  2. Axyy Community Manager, Events Team Co-Lead

  3. BlueToePolca Retired Staff

    C'mon guys! The hype train can't get rolling unless you give us some fuel! Throw your thoughts, suggestions, and fantastically weird ideas below!
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  4. Low_Ping Platinum

    Wasted sandbox hype. 1.9 hype. Control hype. Bluetoe hype. Other hype.
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  5. Tora_Kaji Platinum

    It's looking like your pretty even on those contradicting votes there... Multiple maps will probably have to be created. I would suggest to create maps with all of these features combined, don't limit yourself to a a specific type.
  6. FietsWinkel Regular Member

  7. NotDiezel Regular Member

    Turrets could make an interesting power-up.
  8. 323465963 Retired Staff

    Elaborate? Placeable turrets? Perhaps retextured blazes? I assume they'd be stationary. Probably should have default blaze health, but a different ammunition, perhaps M249? And 100 rounds, just so that players don't take advantage of a really good spot.

    And how would this affect gun progression? Should the turret not gain you levels? Or, should the turret automatically fire the same ammunition as your current gun, but get destroyed upon getting a kill or you getting a kill? Or what if the turret matches whatever gun you currently have until it's destroyed? I'd also like to see a 60 second limit on how long these things can last.

    And thoughts as to how to implement these into other gamemodes?

    Be creative!
  9. Low_Ping Platinum


    Wasn't MineReepers also a wasted mini :stuck_out_tongue:
    So 3 out of 6 wasted minis were promoted :eek:
  10. Robertthegoat Developer

    Fixed, thank you. Can't believe I left him off.
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  11. Leatherdevil Regular Member

    Gun Game simply isn't my cup of tea. I don't play it much other than to keep my skill up for when Wasted gets released. I do think that Gun Game could be spiced up a bit. Some power-ups would definitely be a cool addon, such as what Diezel suggested, turrets. There could be more things aswell, such as simple potion buffs, some extra jumping, inflicting slowness and stuff like that, nothing too over the top. I also think the maps are a bit bland, apart from the Mines one which I really like. They don't have that wow factor about them, especially the recreation of the Dust map on CSGO. It looks so unappealing to the eye.

    Another thing that I'm sure people would like is some kind of global leaderboard. To see how well others are doing, create some more competitivity. You could also include ranks which also adds more depth into Gun Game, I know it's pretty much copying other games. But in this case, it's needed. But this is from my point of view, not others. As I previously mentioned, I'm not into Gun Game myself.

    I'm sure more people can give some input as Blue said.
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  12. 323465963 Retired Staff

    Could you suggest some more powerups?
    We can have jumpboost and perhaps even night vision, but what else? And how would we implement the potion debuffs such as slowness? Thoughts?

    Mines was one of the newer maps, which was built by SakuraWolf, so it's nice to hear from the community that we're on the right track :lmao: I personally enjoy dust as-is, just for more of a retro-feel from how gungame was back a year ago.

    Leaderboards - brilliant idea. There's always the issue of people farming off of their alts for stats, but we could probably find a way to fix that. We're planning on implementing achievements, so that'd go hand-in-hand with implementing a leaderboard system.

    Ranks - Another good idea. But I think we're already heading towards that direction with achievements, such as achievements for getting X amount of kills or Y wins. Not really sure if there's a need to have both.
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  13. DerMongoose118 Regular Member

    I got plenty of suggestions, so bear with me on this list:

    -Make the cake heal 2 whole hearts rather than one.
    -Add in a relatively flat map with some high points (I am making one right now!)
    -Make your helmet disappear when you are invisible, but make invisibility stop when you shoot.
    -Give players 5 seconds of invulnerability when they spawn (to prevent spawncamping and give people a chance to get awareness of the situation).
    -fix the spot in Mines where you can get into the blue spawn with use of parkour.
    -modify the open maps to have barriers all along their sides.
    -add a powerup that gives tron pants and boots, and call it Kevlar
    -add a rocket launcher powerup that allows you to fire a single rocket before losing it (kills with will not count towards your kills, only serves to get rid of a group of people or people in a difficult-to-reach spot).

    That's all I got.
  14. 323465963 Retired Staff

    -I'd even be fine with the cake healing 3. I never knew it even healed, I always thought it just gave temp regen
    -Link us some screenshots of the build (no shaders mods, vanilla please) and submit the build here
    -We could change the invisibility so that it gives you the same vanish effect from Sandbox's scout
    -We thought that the absorption hearts would be enough, but I agree that we should replace it with just a temp 5 second invulnerability
    -Where's that spot on mines? Can you msg either robertthegoat or I about it, and if possible, a video recording of you getting into their spawns?
    -Why barriers? And on which maps exactly?
    -"tron pants and boots". I think you mean iron pants and boots. And that would work. Should we just make the armor have really low dura, or have infinite dura and just disappear after, say, 5 seconds? Or would it be better altogether to just add in a resistance I or II buff instead of armor?
    -Do you mean change your current gun to a rocket? or have it give it to you as a secondary? If we do implement this, then we need to remove the block breaking effect of explosives, as players can easily blow up the other team's spawn and just walk right in, or just use it to teamgrief.

    -Please let us know of any other suggestions you may have :heart:
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  15. DerMongoose118 Regular Member


    -Yeah, that seems decent for the powerup, having it heal 3 hearts would make it more useful as an emergency pickup item.
    -I can send pictures of the map but I don't know how to send the map as a whole. :(
    -That seems correct.
    -it was way too easy to knock off the absorption hearts, a temporary invulnerability would be nice.
    -I can send a picture of where the spot is, but I do not have any recording software sadly.
    -maps like Dust, where you can easily fall off of the edge if you are out there in the first place, perhaps simply making it so that you cannot get to the out-of-reach spots in general would be easier.
    -yes, I meant iron armor, but a resistance II buff would be better altogether.
    -give it as a secondary, and remove greifing on the rocket itself.

    Those are my responses to your responses, I will let you know if I have any other suggestions! :)
  16. Cahillguy Regular Member

    Okay, I'd like to suggest some things as a person who's no-lifed GunGame/Wasted.

    First and foremost: There are hardly any players playing GunGame. Even so, there are 4 separate games in a GunGame lobby, each having 15 players. Normally, the server doesn't even reach 15 GunGame players. The problem? The already miniscule playerbase is often split.

    What this means is that while sometimes, you have all ~10 players playing on the same map, other times, you have some who either hate that map and try to start their own game, or aren't too bright and don't know that there's a game with more players on that they could join. This makes GunGame even less fun; what should have 10 players will become around 6, and even fewer when some (rage) quit.

    Furthermore, some maps are overplayed, while some aren't played at all. While some maps are objectively better than others, this unfortunately leads to boring games, since the same maps played over and over again - gameplay has no variety. Even worse is when you realize that it's often one person choosing a map, based on their tastes alone - everyone has to join that map lest they split the playerbase and have no one to play with.

    So, to fix this, just make it like it used to be. Have separate servers of 15 players with a rotating map system where all maps are played. This was the old system; ironically, the new system would've worked somewhat better back when there were more players. But now, the old system works better since there are hardly any GunGame players nowadays.

    I will suggest some map fixes later.
  17. Eggspert7820 Regular Member

    There needs to be more light in gungame. The redstone lamps in some maps, like warehouse, can be shot out, making the map very dark. Other maps are just dark in the first place, and need more light. There should either be lights that can't be shot out in some way, or simply use natural light.
  18. WirelessHuman Platinum

    I think we should add the rockets into the gun rotation in gun game just to get a fill of rockets in gun game. And maybe even add a melee weapon at the last one to make it a hard win
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