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July GG Changelog

Discussion in 'GG' started by Miyuka, Jul 9, 2017.

July GG Changelog
  1. Miyuka Retired Staff

    Today, 7/9/2017 our friend JesseTheSkrub was working hard in smashing some of the bugs and adding a few changes in GG! I am here to bring you all the changes and bug fixes to GG.

    First off, a big one. The PvP was changed to feel a lot more like 1.7 styled PvP. Hit registration and PvP damage will feel a lot better and smoother. Damage output with swords and bows were modified to make the players last longer and feel more "Vanilla". This should be more appealing towards our PvP community since the major issue was hit registration.

    A second biggy, KoTD's spectator glitch is now entirely fixed. Instead of being put in a vanished-like state, you are now put in spectator mode. This makes it 100% impossible to throw items or shoot bows at players PvPing as a spectator.

    The third change, Hunger is disabled in the lobby spawn. Not a major change, but it makes it so people who attempt the lobby parkour don't get effected by no hunger.

    The fourth change is the Archer bow in HCF has been nerfed by 1 level, since it was really OP. It's still fairly OP, but not as bad anymore.

    The fifth and final change is that all items are soulbound. MineZ grenades are currently not soulbound to fix a terrible glitch that occurred. Only the few who experienced it will know it's true beauty. MineZ legendaries will be un-soulbound as well SOON. This will make it so you can give your main legendaries from your bank / alts. This was added so people can't chose Archer class just to throw the bow down and switch to the Diamond kit. This prevents little things like that that were unintended.

    Feel free to leave us feedback and suggestions! We hope you enjoy this update and thanks for flying Shotbow!

  2. Marine_PvP MineZ Lead Admin

    Hit detection :heart:
    MTrout likes this.
  3. LegendaryAlex Film Crew

    Omg hit detection! Legends! AMAZING :D
    MTrout likes this.
  4. LegitNube Platinum

    Hit detection feels the same, There's still a short delay between each hit. + That grenade spamming should be a legitimate gamemode :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Hingey Platinum

    I like the nerf to archer. But why not make it do the same damage as it did pre 1.9? Same thing with other gamemodes the bow does way more damage than it used to. Is it possible?

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